The Strokes - Is This It
Jul 25, 2021
Yeah, this IS it. I fucking love this album so fucking much. Okay, yeah, sorry, this album is one of my favs.

Anyway, The Strokes are a rock band (mainly garage rock/post punk revival stuff) from NYC, and Is This It is their debut LP. It's still regarded to this day as a classic, one of the best rock albums of the 2000's, and it influenced the rock scene so much during this era. Arctic Monkeys wouldn't be Arctic Monkeys without The Strokes. So, as said, this album is very critically acclaimed. But does it meet the expectations? Does it deliver? Well, ladies, genetlemen and non-binary people, it is.

Is This It is so great, guys, really. It has so much personality, and I love every moment of it. Julian Casablancas is such a unique frontman and lyricist - his delivery can be both melancholic and fun, full of his specific vibe and energy, and his lyrics are so sharply written and infectious. Is This It makes melancholic songs fun as hell, and it's sooo consistent! Like, each track has this Strokes flavor to it, but still feels unique, catchy and well written on its own.
The band is also super tight, and they have a great chemistry together - from the thick bass to the great guitar work, from Julian's vocals to Fab's tight drumming. Everything seems so simple, yet it works flawlessly.
The production adds so much as well - it feels dirty, and kinda homemade, but everything is mixed in such a thick and rich way.
This. Record. Is. So. Fun.
I just love the energy here, and it's a great album front to back.

And truly, I don't have any problem with it. I love every aspect of this album - this record is energetic, infectious, catchy, well-written, tightly performed, consistent. It's just a great rock album. It probably won't blow your mind, but it's pretty much the epitome of a great indie-rock/garage rock album. It's just fun, all the way through, and the lyrics are worth diving into as well.

Top Three Tracks: Someday, Is This It, Soma

Least Fav Track:N/A (FINE, if I HAD TO pick one it would probably be Trying Your Luck)

So, in the end of it all, what else can I say? Is This It is perfect for what it is. It's a fun, fast paced garage/indie-rock album, that's dripping with personality, sexappeal, catchy tunes and sharp writing. I'm feeling a 9.1/10.

the ass cover>>>golden ratios
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