Conversation between ElectricMess and okcomputer12127
Mar 27, 2020
I actually haven’t heard Reflektor, so I’m interested to hear some thoughts on that
Mar 27, 2020
What album should I review?

Yeezus by Kanye West
Kid A by Radiohead
Reflektor by Arcade Fire
Jan 20, 2020
what is your favorite review by me
Nov 9, 2019
sad catto user on aoty
Nov 6, 2019
switch back to catto
Aug 5, 2019
he’s behind the mask
Aug 5, 2019
where did catto go?
May 25, 2019
happy catto
May 21, 2019
this is his secret identity
May 21, 2019
where's spiderman??

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