Conversation between ThrowBackGmac and Strangelightsyd
Jan 7, 2019
"Sir,tell us why you thought jaywalking was a good idea on your part."
*plays light my fire*

Holy shiz nit you're absolutely right 🤠
Jan 7, 2019
well at least now the FBI agent reading this knows if you ever commit a crime and need to be interrogated, they can just blast The Doors in the interrogation room to get all the info out of you
Jan 7, 2019
I mean....I know you're joking...but I'd honestly rather lick a cattle rancher's boot than listen to a Doors album 😍
Jan 7, 2019
don't you just love The Doors? (heart eyes emoji)
Dec 27, 2018
R I S E U P 😤💪🎸
Dec 27, 2018
Time n Place gang 😤💪
Oct 29, 2018
I'm moving on now!
Sep 12, 2018
Going from no reviews to a bunch is what I call character development owo

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