Conversation between Inglume and Zach
Mar 24, 2020
Hey, I have a song out! When you have the chance to, give it a listen. Haven't added it to AOTY yet, so here the YouTube music video link:

I wrote this song and filmed the video while in quarantine. Took many inspirations from Chinese folk and alt-country. The concept of the video and song, I'll leave as a surprise (no spoilers of course), plus it's up to interpretation. Hope I can cheer some people up and get everyone together in these uncertain times, enjoy!
Mar 15, 2020
What is your favorite single of the year so far??

(For a list)
Mar 6, 2020
I just recently finished a deep dive into the entire studio album catalog of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds and was able to put a list together organized by how much I liked them.

Feel free to check it out and leave your thoughts!
Nov 19, 2019
I got a special review saved for it at the end of the year...;)
Nov 13, 2019
I'm doing great! Thanks for the comment. Also, I highly encourage other people to make good use of the Random Album feature, cool way to discover some strange new music! :)
Nov 11, 2019
Hope ur doing good mate!
Nov 5, 2019
Thinking about doing my own album randomized series! Seems like a fun concept
Oct 8, 2019
Hey! Im working on perhaps my most expansive project yet! I have set out to create a list ranking every single album I have ever listened to and rated on this site! Once i complete the list it will be updated daily with each subsequent listen and will be adding a brief synopsis for each record :)

Would really appreciate if you check it out!

July Playlist