Conversation between Inglume and dumbmoonlight
Jul 11, 2019
Thank you so much! They may be a bit different, but I really wanna expand my musical taste - and I actually get surprised every day by seeing how many albums you've already listened, so it would be cool. Thanks again!
Jul 11, 2019
Yes, no problem! In fact, here's a few recommendations. Our music tastes seem very different so I can't guarantee that you'll like some of these, but I'd say give them a try:

Lorde - "Melodrama" (if you haven't already heard it)
Haru Nemuri - "春と修羅 (harutosyura)" (J-pop with fusions of rock and hip hop)
Neon Bunny - "Stay Gold" (Korean dream pop & electropop)
Rina Sawayama - "RINA" (electropop & glitch pop)
Stromae - "√" (Belgian-French synthpop)
Jul 11, 2019
I know this is gonna sound random, but is there any pop album from the 2010s you could recommend to me, please?
Jul 2, 2019
Damn, I never imagined something like that! I would pay to see Elon Musk do something like that in real life.
Jul 2, 2019
Every time I see a review of you, I imagine Elon Musk reading your reviews on radio.

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