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Feb 3, 2019
Feb 3, 2019
Jan 22, 2019
awhh im so sorry to hear that :( i hope it gets better!! and thank you, you know youre an amazing friend and i miss you too
Jan 22, 2019
Hi Aaron I've had an awful day but I just want to thank you for existing and being an amazing friend and I miss you so much.
Jan 16, 2019
anytime lizzz :) <3
Jan 16, 2019
Thank youu aaron
Jan 16, 2019
i shall now recommend you shit because why not

Vaudeville Villain by Viktor Vaughn
Bitches Brew by Miles Davis
Low by David Bowie
Mm.. Food by MF Doom
Funeral by Arcade Fire
Hard Normal Daddy by Squarepusher
Hunky Dory by David Bowie
"Heroes" by David Bowie
The Infamous by Mobb Deep
The Black Saint and the Sinner Lady by Charles Mingus
Illmatic by Nas
The Dreaming by Kate Bush
Aquemiini by OutKast
Midnight Marauders by A Tribe Called Quest
Wonderful Rainbow by Lightning Bolt
Jan 1, 2019
happy new yeet year
Jan 1, 2019
Happy new year yeet
Dec 17, 2018
*funny reply*
Dec 16, 2018
Dec 1, 2018
I'll definitely listen to it! Send her my thanks
Nov 30, 2018
Hi so Lexi thinks you'll like this album called Big Calm by Morcheeba and told me to tell you so yeah that's all :)
Nov 26, 2018
uwuwu lysm lizzard
Nov 26, 2018
What syd said except grandson/ brother/ unborn father 😤
Oct 4, 2018
ken bless you aswell
Sep 20, 2018
Please never change your profile pic

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