Conversation between TheSmokyWalrus and naokaia
Jan 8, 2020
HEY I FORGOT, my EP has a AOTY if you wanna put a score on it its here
Jan 6, 2020
first off I really appreciate you listening to my ep it means a lot

hot diggity damn
yea i like your ep a whole lot it's just one big vibe.
I like how there are multiple melodies at once, some bass, drums. sure, it's not super impressive or anything but it's really relaxing and the melodies are catchy
i'd say yours is even better than what I requested you listen to
I also like the rain samples a whole too, it's kinda boom bap-ish with little melody synths everywhere
but yea i really enjoyed myself, i hope more people hear it...8.7/10
fav track: no jardim da cidade
Jan 6, 2020
Hey dude, I heard your EP and I got the chills. Pretty darn good. Keep on with your stuff because I really think you're doing your own unique thing and that I really appreciate. Also, and sorry if im being annoying, but I also have an EP I released a while ago and was able to put it on Spotify. Would be very grateful if you could give it a listen and also give your opinion. Hope you have a nice day.
Jan 4, 2020
Hey Misato, I'd be really grateful if you would give my new EP your opinion

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