AOTY 2018
Conversation between 76fex and Chimecha
Apr 17, 2018
I've been contemplating for so long, it had to be done.
Apr 17, 2018
enjoying having your ratings ordered from highest to lowest and refreshing the page every few seconds... gonna get through em all tonight??
Apr 16, 2018
Nice Janelle scores, proud of you.
Apr 16, 2018
Mar 12, 2018
No kidding
Mar 12, 2018
If by mode you mean where I log my albums then yes.
Mar 11, 2018
I'm just tired of it, I don't get any fulfillment out of it anymore. Most of the albums I add to the site collect metaphorical dust and the more I listen to music the more of a deviant I become. I appreciate that you got something out of my ratings though.
Mar 8, 2018
Exile in Guyville was pretty good. I don't really want to rate on here anymore though.

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