Shzam -
Bombastically forgettable songs that should've stayed in 2012 and lyrics written by an Ai trained on diaries by exclusively 14-year olds.

Robert Smith is the only redeeming factor.
Shzam -
Zoomer simon and garfunkel
Shzam -
This triggered my partners anxiety, sending them into a panic attack and triggering their selective mutism, not being able to talk for 4 full hours. Amazing album.
Shzam -
I can't get behind this record. It comes across as so empty to me, even though I know it is far from shallow. The bangers on this album feel lackluster to me and the slower songs are equally unprovoking. Hopefully it grows on me, because I really want to like this record.
Shzam -
Lulling and soothing. Another beautiful album by Kate Stables.
Shzam -
Title checks out i suppose
Shzam -
The sound design is kinda nice but the record is very unorganized and unstructured making it an incohesive yet faintly enjoyable listen
Shzam -
I mean... like... I like it... It's not bad... It's just so tedious for me to hear one nostalgic disco beat after the other. I don't understand the hype at all.
Shzam -
BOP *clap-emoji* AFTER *clap-emoji* BOP *clap-emoji*
Shzam -
Yeah, they just did it. They crafted the best story-album of the year (so far). Pair that with some absolute bangers like LOADED and To The Door and some nasty guitar tones and you got yourself an AOTY.
Shzam -
Already one the most important albums of this year
Shzam -
Such a charismatic and concise record
Shzam -
1 point for every gec
Shzam -
Reviewing this soon
Shzam -
this felt like an unskippable ad in the middle of my life
Shzam -
God this is just so goddamn catchy I'm a sucker for this. Might be my AOTY so far???
Shzam -
Obviously weaker than her previous album charli, which i think stands put as her magnus opus, but what can you do when you create AN ALBUM IN A MONTH OR SO. The fact that this was created in such a short period of time is truly impressive, and i think you should account for that when reviewing this album.

"how I'm feeling now" is shaped like an oreo. Strong and hearty on the top and bottom and sweet and soft in the middle.
I can already tell that visions is going to be one of my ... read more
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