Pentangle - Basket of Light
Дин Блант - три
Girls - Father, Son, Holy Ghost
A near and dear friend I'll always cherish during the darkest of times. The downfall of this band and the following careers of its founding members both make for serious arguments in favor of sobriety. The leap in production quality compared to their debut is monumental and puts all other records in the same genre to shame even to this day.
Kanye West - Donda 2
Very good, counts as an album, and absolutely vital. The most expressive and full of invention Kanye has sounded since 808s. I love the raw and unproduced state it was released in and I hope it never changes. No better way to sincerely indicate where he was coming from.
Nico - Nico's Last Concert "Fata Morgana"
The "Last Concert" name tragically undersells this project, her true last album and really her greatest recording ever. There simply isn't another document of Nico where she sounds this musically free and desparately alive in her performance.
Vera Sienra - Nuestra soledad
Aquel sounds VERY ahead of its time. Vocally similar to early Angel Olsen.
Graham Lambkin - No Better No Worse (Vol 3)
Super funny and musical, even for Graham. Very welcoming as a greatest hits-type collection in comparison to Aphorisms and Gondolas, both grand impenetrable works which simply risk a lot more and therefore demand a lot more.
The Human Expression - Love at Psychedelic Velocity
As good and easily listenable as it gets for vibey shouty garage rock of this era. A point of reference for me on guitar tones. Truly huge and shattering, best displayed on the classic I Don't Need Nobody. The highlight b-side shifts the cavernous sound of the band into something more stripped-down, introspective, and lonely. Really really really good. 2017 reissue is the way to go.
The Brian Jonestown Massacre - Musique de film imaginé
Minimalism and motif-based sketches through the lens of the BJM signature approach. Strict focus on grooves, forgoing song progression entirely at times. Anton's distinctly self-made recording techniques - thick, vintage, and very European. The result sounds light and pretty yet engulfed in a fiery hell. Never understood the indifference towards this one. There's a big aesthetic vision on display here, whereas their latest four records may have well been AI-generated.
Jessica Pratt - On Your Own Love Again
Explorative surrealist recording based around dream logic. Half-remembered callbacks to Duran Duran's Hungry Like the Wolf in Strange Melody. Sudden real-time pitch shifts in voice and guitar in Jacquelyn. I've Got a Feeling sounds like it was recorded in the sky. An unreal vibe, best in genre.
Chris Squire - Fish Out of Water
Leagues above anything ever made by Yes (a great band). Lessens the fantasy aesthetic for something more atmospheric, elementary, and heartfelt. As good as mixing in 70s prog gets as well, alongside KC's Red.
Cindy Lee - Tatlashea
Just hits different compared to any other Cindy Lee. Their memphis rap album, featuring Crazy Frog.
Androgynous Mind - Nightstalker
Essential Flegel project. Captures the transition from Women to Cindy Lee in the manner of an angsty no-wave band attempting oldies radio pop.
John Maus - Quantum Leap
Felt - Crumbling the Antiseptic Beauty
Profoundly visionary. Maurice Deebank is an all-time great shredder, top 3 easily. In the context of the band's primitive beginnings and the UK jangle scene as a whole, I always saw this as a parallel to the The Velvet Underground & Nico album despite the tragic lack of recognition.
Felt - Ballad of the Band
Candles in a Church is the Evergreen Dazed of the Martin Duffy era of Felt. A deeply emotional and ghostly piano instrumental with a feel similar to Vangelis' Blade Runner score.
Deerhunter - Why Hasn't Everything Already Disappeared?
Underrated. Their easy-listening album. In a Stereolab-kinda way rather than a mainsteam one. The interlude tracks are highlights, feeling like off-hand and sometimes entertainingly crude explorations into styles not usually associated with their sound.
Cat Power - The Covers Record
Modern take on the foundational blues style. Hypnotic, plainspoken, and heartbreakingly sad. Peak Cat Power is Chan all by herself whether on guitar or piano. The Speaking for Trees film is another prime example of that.
Xiu Xiu - Nina
Cool as fuck conceptual experiment which transforms classic standards into an explicit horror soundtrack. I find this to be more symbolic of vocal jazz as a whole rather than just a tribute to Nina. Like all the great recordings of that era, the material on here shines in its restrained instrumentals, clear and dynamic production, and magnetic vocal performances.
of Montreal - Lousy With Sylvianbriar
Love Rebecca Cash's singing a lot. Sad she seemingly quit after this. Raindrop In My Skull, her only solo vocal track, is the clear standout. Feminine Effects from the tiny desk concert video is beautiful as well.
Parquet Courts - Monastic Living
Heavy as fuck. Kill indie guitar music.
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