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sillypengie -
Kero Kero Bonito's third album is probably the trio's most creative, well-produced, meditative, mindblowing, and best album yet. The band is returning to their electropop sound from Bonito Generation after experimenting with punk-rock, twee-pop, and indie-rock on Time 'n' Place. But on Civilisation, the band returns with just brighter production, heavier beats, better vocals, and more well-written lyrics. The first half is a little more calming, slow, and meditative. But then the second half is ... read more

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sillypengie -
probably the best post-rock album of this year. some of the songs hurt my ears, and i love it lol.

FAV TRACKS: Meds, Car Crash, Crawl, Stockholm Syndrome, The New Sensation, Progress
LEAST FAV TRACK: The Beachland Ballroom

sillypengie -
awwwwwwwwwwwww! this is so freaking cute! i love this so much!!!! Sarah's vocals are soooo cuuuute! ahhhh!!! this remind me alot of It's Bugsnax. yeah... this is really cute and good and i love it lol
sillypengie -
i listened to this while baking chocolate chip cookies. it was pretty intense, ngl
sillypengie -
this is the best they've sounded since Teen Dream and Bloom. I can't wait for the rest of the album! :D
sillypengie -
i sat through an entire video of a hipster melon eating a burrito for 15-minutes straight for a review of this album. you have no idea how much pain i am feeling right now.


Nov 23, 2021
hey giving you a listen - i like your tastes
Nov 9, 2021
yooo, btw!!
Tell me that ain't fucking perfect! hahaha
Love u too silly :)
Nov 8, 2021
Sillaaaaayy :D hahaha
Yooo, I listened to The Great Annihilator :O
I'll review it some time this week but I need to listen again, I fucking loved the hell out of it btw lol :))
Thanks for that rec ;)
Nov 4, 2021
well i hope by the time you see this message your tiredness is all gone and your well
Nov 4, 2021
i'm have a better day then before today, which is progress, i guess!
fixed my rating scale
Nov 4, 2021
silly cat, i shall submit her to sarah bonito's wrath (with a baseball bat)
Nov 3, 2021
Thanks for contributing, just posted the list, here’s the list if u wanna check it out :))
Nov 3, 2021
Btw, do you like sonic youth?
Nov 1, 2021
i'm having a very very middle of the road day, and you?
Nov 1, 2021
1.) thats awesome
2) I feel like steve mcqueen is very magical, midnight city's more downtempo parts dont entice me as much as the fast paced steve mcqueen, which is really fun at the same time, and the synths sound enthralling, like your on a racetrack

3) yup, im probably nice and fun now because things like that changed me :) im forever grateful to that album... even if i dont enjoy it as much anymore :( still depressed though

4) it literally sounds like breaking free from your own mind or something, it's one of the most gorgeous kpop songs ive heard, even if it is rather simple i think the girls do a good job on it vocally, and the music video is very ethereal and beautiful as well, love it (well thats obvious isnt it)


my name is corbin. (him/he/idiot) AAAAAAA-
i love indie rock, electropop, and noise rock

fav song: washed out - feel it all around
fav artist: charli xcx
fav bands: swans, kero kero bonito, death grips
fav album: swans - to be kind

im a shy, awkward, and stupid human being
i watch theneedledrop
i like beans and french fries
i have a huge crush on sarah bonito lol
im not good at writing reviews
im vegan
i like the office and nintendo
i like ketchup and oranges
anyways. have a goond day! :)

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