Jan 24, 2020
Pretty nice, try again is really catchy, fire truck is my favorite. The style is really coherent, without all the songs sounding exactly the same. Shauf's voice is HILARIOUS at times, but not in an annoying way.

One of my favorites this month.
Feb 13, 2020
I really liked this band for being quirky and fun in 2015. I get that some people don't like their messy style, but I thought it was fun. After 5 years their music feels less genuine and organic and they have even less to say.
I really wanted to see them grow, but ultimately this song is right: it's either time to grow or time to go.
Jan 12, 2020
Easily my favorite one off of this album up until now. Isohel starts off with guitar and soothing percussion, switches between that and his typical electronic vibe a few times, before reaching a vocal peak and then ending with a French outro.
Only criticism is that his vocal delays and noise can sound out of place 2 minutes into the song, plus that it can feel a little "on and off", due to him switching styles. For me this all adds to the emotional rollercoaster. Pretty excited for ... read more
May 21, 2020
Dude is that a 100gecs feature? epic
May 21, 2020
Not sure how much praise I can give, still need to relisten. This one is filled with bangers tho & keeps you entertained throughout the whole listen. Definitely stays consistent, but never predictable.

I did almost skip: Let's sort this whole thing out, Fake Mona Lisa and Stay Away
So I was glad to hear the last 3 songs, all inventive in their own ways :)

original score: 77, might change later
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