Albums like this make me remember what it is that I absolutely love and adore about music itself.
This is amazing, this is outstanding, this is a one-of-a-kind musical experience which, if allowed, can absolutely engulf the listener.
I'm not going to give a general description for this album, I'll instead just get right into my main points:

The experience of this full album reminds me much of their previous track "Echoes" from the album "Meddle." This is not necessarily due to the instrumentation or composition, but more due to the feelings and emotions it brings. Now, I'm fairly proud to say that I was able to keep my eyes closed and mind focused on the music for the entire album, which I believe allowed for an absolutely phenomenal and psychedelic first listen. Usually when I listen to albums, I keep my eyes shut during the songs, but I check after each song to see what is coming next. For this record, however, I decided to experience the entire album without a single look, so that I would see it as a whole. This worked pretty great.

After the album was over, similarly to my experience with "Echoes" I had to wait a bit for feeling to come back to my body. My whole body had pretty much become numb from my extended period of meditation during listening. Afterwards I immediately listened to the album once again to make sure my opinions were not flawed due to my practice, and luckily, it wasn't. The instrumentation and production of this record is absolutely mind-blowing (I feel like I say this for every single Pink Floyd album, but it's true).

As usual, even though this record technically contains a track which is 26 minutes long (but split into 9 parts), I was never bored for even a second. All of the tracks created specific imagery in my mind, and included so many specific and interesting sounds, that it was impossible for me to be bored. Pink Floyd really brings out something in me which I don't believe any other band has ever done before.

-P.S. I encourage you to look into the meaning and message behind the 26 minute track "Shine On You Crazy Diamond." It's heartbreaking and depressing, but it adds much more to the song and album. R.I.P Syd Barret.

++Cover Art: (100/100)++
Wonderful cover art, and knowing the message and story behind the record, it means much more. Perfect representation for the feelings which this album evokes.
Jun 2, 2020
Jun 2, 2020
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