AOTY 2023
My daughter loves him, I think he looks a little gay. But whatever makes my princess happy❤️❤️❤️❤️
Lil Ceasers - namesake.
this is the ANS, of fuckin... Sporadic

List of things Logan and I observed during the listen of this EP.
- feel like he got better
- not saying much, for the record
- "that's like dream getting better"
- he should've referenced quadeca more than mine
- logan should've featured on this song
- "i would've come out like 'you're my NAME SAKE with your FAKE FACE'"
- is this a different song?
- am i fake? like my face?
- this second half of the first track (or is it the second ... read more

Lil Ceasers - namesake.
the production is ok, but bland
the mixing is not good
the lyrics make me cry and i dont think in a good way
the rapping is not good, offbeat, and i dont like the delivery. it feels very flimsy and not confident
i like the message of first sight and love, but the sound doesnt make it worth listening to however

namesake - i already forgot what it sounds like
first sight - i remember it sounds very similar to the first song, didnt like it
middle man - i did not like delivery
mascara - for a 6 ... read more

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