Wet - Don't You
Don't You
Mar 20
Bjéar - Bjéar
Mar 19

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Mar 23, 2019
This album proves that Im still a scaredy cat. I thought I fear nothing! Goddamn scisssssssors gave me goosebumps to the point I jumped out of my bed.

On a positive note, the production issa blast. I appreciate the directing on pumpkin attack on mommy and daddy and scisssssssors music videos because of the connecting stories they portray. Xiu Xiu wants to show to us how art works from their unique perspective, hence, let's just enjoy and contemplate from it.

Beware: Don't listen to this ... read more
Mar 20, 2019*
idc if y'all rate this a lower score. i really love kelsey's voice. it's so soothing. oml.

• it's all in vain
• dont' wanna be your girl
• weak
• all the ways
• you're the best
Mar 20, 2019
perks of living in a tropical country! summer vibes is fast approaching!
Mar 19, 2019*
altho this is my least fave album from American Football, i still appreciate the simplicity of this LP. my inner emo has respawn again.
Mar 19, 2019
why i am so outdated. aaaaaaa. i really love this one! ive heard him for long time but i never got a chance to listen to any of his albums. can someone sue me!!

haha but thank heavens a playlist from spotify brought me to his profile haha

• dug my heart
• past lives
• clouds
• dopamine
Mar 22, 2019
That would be a good idea I think :) but yes a lot of their new album haunted me for days haha but it left an impact and what better compliment can you give to music!? :D
and we must be opposite side of Earth! 12 whole hours apart!
(also EP 5 was my fav by Qveen Herby, best for last)
Mar 22, 2019
Edit: Apparently only 14 albums and 2 EPs... I think the LP section on this website includes some that aren't true studio albums... confusing x___x
Mar 22, 2019
The whole discography!? Wow that is a lot of albums! I think 21 if you include the 3 EPs :o
A Promise and Fabulous Muscles are both awesome, I like their new album too but too much Xiu Xiu will melt your mind! x') They are pretty disturbing at times...
Mar 22, 2019
Hahahaha yes I know exactly what you mean! x) I am the worst decision maker of all time, I usually just shut down and choose nothing...
That's why I really like when I get a recommendation cause I just push it to the front of the line :D
Mar 22, 2019
I think these EPs are listenable for braggadocios modern pop-rap but they aren't my thing, personally.
I hope you don't hate me for not loving them :(
If they were some like, concept on top 50 radio hip hop I would conceivably like them more haha, all the Gucci references! x') The production is good though!
Mar 20, 2019
Woo! :D I will keep an eye out for what your thoughts are!!!
Mar 20, 2019
Sounds good :) I will make my way through those for you!
My go-to recommendation is Why? - Alopecia just because I am curious of what everyone else thinks of it... it's my most favourite album <3
Mar 20, 2019
Sounds good! Please leave me some too :)
Mar 20, 2019
Thank you very much for following me :)
Mar 19, 2019
Thanks, Smallpeeble, I'm glad you like Lomepal. I advise you to listen to Romeo Elvis, he is a Belgian rapper who is often compared to Lomepal and who has a lot of success in France. Otherwise, I advise you Jazzy Bazz, L'Or dû Commun and Nekfeu.

And do not hesitate to listen to "Mazy Fly" SPELLLING, it's really great and underrated.
did you know that bashing my music taste increases your chances of changing my opinion to 0%.

heya! i'm abe! and i'm here because of impa mates. 😄

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89 to 80 - i appreciate you
79 to 60 - nice for background music
59 to 50 - listenable/acceptable/tolerable/lowkey okey for background music
49 to 0 - a lot of skips happened, didn't finish listening, stops listening midway to the album.
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