Taylor Swift - evermore
Dec 11, 2020 (updated Dec 11, 2020)
we've recieved as many taylor swift albums this year as we've had major financial downturns in the last 12. not sure if that's a diss to the global economy or a compliment to taylor swift but it's a fact anyway.

taylor swift's newest record evermore is the surprise sister record to her album from just over 4 months ago, folklore, and just like the original, it's darn beautiful. sure, maybe there are a few songs which i guess you could call filler, but other than that, this is a great album that i enjoyed just as much as the first!

"willow", the opener and lead single, if you could even call it that, has a really nice instrumental with plucky guitar and soft strings, and they build incredibly well throughout the track's runtime. i don't like it quite as much as i liked "the 1", folklore's opener, but it's still a great track. following it is "champagne problems", with a wonderful piano that almost has a bit of a lo-fi vibe to it. on this song, and the rest of the album, taylor sounds as great as normal, and the layered vocals on this song are *chef's kiss* perfect. to add, the writing is, again, great on this record, and on this track and many others, it paints a very beautiful picture behind the low-key instrumentals and singing. "gold rush" is my favorite track of the first three- the singing is pretty much perfect, and the verses absolutely sent me. the instrumental on "tis the damn season" was the worst of the bunch, but that was a pretty high bar in the first place (and the song is still pretty darn great), and a quiet drum pattern adds to the quiet piano chords very well on "tolerate it". "no body, no crime" has one of my favorite instrumentals on the album, seeing taylor go back to her country roots, and it features lyrics about a murder mystery that taylor has solved but just can't prove, despite (or because of) overwhelming clear but anecdotal evidence. "happiness" is possibly my least favorite song on evermore, though- the very vaguely synthy, low-key instrumental is nice, but the song just drags on too long, and it outstays its visit for sure. "dorothea", in its writing glory, conjures up some incredibly descriptive mental imagery about taylor's childhood friends, and "coney island" features vocals from vocalist matt berninger of The Nationals fame, and his gruff voice provides a perfect contrast to taylor's smooth, young singing. "ivy" and "cowboy like me" are both great tracks that are made better by their light country influences à la taylor's older music. i can't get over the ridiculously loud drum loop on "long story short"- it really just distracts from the song's vibe, and i don't know which producers allowed this to go through. "marjorie" has some of the best writing on this already well-written album, and the song builds up incredibly, with the instrumental slowly gaining magnitude as the track progresses. "closure" features another overpowering drum loop, but it sounds like something off of disc 1 of 7G so at least i enjoyed it while it lasted this time, and the closer, "evermore", is one of the prettiest songs on this LP, with taylor and bon iver singing softly over a simple but effective piano. it's really a beautiful and effective closer to this great album.

wow, this was a good album. despite a few boring ideas here and there, this album was, for the most part, as enjoyable or more so than folklore, which is quite the accomplishment on taylor's side. this record really impressed me! great job, taylor. you're 2 for 2 this year.

standout- no body, no crime, ivy, evermore
best tracks- willow, champagne problems, gold rush, dorothea, coney island, cowboy like me, marjorie, closure
worst track- long story short (that DRUM LOOP)

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SMT with another banger
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