AJR - The Click
Nov 17, 2020
time for bad opinions with smt™. episode number 1- the click is a decent album. "what? he's truly off the goop", you say. and you're probably right. but i can never truly hate this project. it's objectively not very good, but i will never understand just hating this album on the level that 99% of the aoty userbase does. this has a lower score than southside, everything means nothing, and every imagine dragons album. really? sure, this album has some extremely annoying cuts (like drama, which is one of the worst ajr songs ever created). the writing is crap, and the production is generic and caters to the lowest common denominator of pop listeners. but i enjoy this album. lemme explain.

"overture" is a really creative way to open an album. it could've gone wrong, but in my opinion, it's put together pretty well. the mixing isn't too bad at all and it's just catchy as a standalone song, which scores the band bonus points.

"the good part" is a genuine bop, and even though parts of the writing kinda make me cringe, the chorus is so grand that it just makes me happy.

"weak" is ajr's breakout hit of sorts, and the drop absolutely GOES. sure, maybe it plays to my affinity for overly bombastic edm, but i don't know.

"sober up" is also a great track, even if not as blown-up as the past tracks on this album. rivers cuomo (most famous for making raditude) has a pretty nice feature too.

like mentioned in the first paragraph, "drama" is horrid. the writing is even worse than the average ajr track, and the instrumentation is just really dang annoying.

"turning out" is the emotional love song that every album aimed at white teen girls has to have, but ajr does a great job of making the song grand and yet relatively minimal.

"no grass today" is kinda more of the same, with the most g-rated song about weed probably ever created, and "three-thirty" has some kinda cool if obnoxious production. also, it breaks the fourth wall, which is awkward as heck.

"call my dad" is controversial even among ajr fans, but it's one of my favorite songs off of here- i love how there's nothing but the autotuned vocal layering, and it makes the song one of the most raw tracks, if not the most raw track, that ajr has done. it also doesn't fit in the tracklist at all, but i don't mind too much.

"i'm not famous" just sings about how ajr isn't famous (even though this album effectively made them famous), and it's kinda funny and, again, awkward as heck, but in a way i like for some reason.

i don't know why more white people music doesn't pander to fans of the office, considering that all white people like the office, but "netflix trip" does, and it's one of the best tracks on this project. it's actually written pretty well, with one of the best ajr choruses in any of their songs and above-average writing (for them, at least).

"bud like you" is kinda cute, and the chorus is incredibly fun, even if the verses are underwritten (to say the least).

finally, "come hang out" is an awesome closer, with a great beat and a catchy tune.

yeah, that concludes my bad take. although this album isn't very coherent and is annoying at parts, i really just cannot hate this record. it's a lot of fun, and i am unironically excited for whatever ajr does next (next being this thursday).

"inspirational and i like the drums" - lol, 2018
Nov 17, 2020
dude no grass today is probably the best song I’ve listened to. Better than Kawaii Razor Blades, Within, or When I’m Gone
Nov 17, 2020
@Basic_Garci well that's good to know, but i think it's an important fact to note that i didn't smoke no grass today
Nov 17, 2020
I question you sometimes...
Nov 17, 2020
@Riskr i question myself as well
Nov 18, 2020
I........................ agree
Nov 18, 2020
@Dombot *cool awesome sound effect*
Nov 19, 2020
please tell me this is ironic
Nov 19, 2020
@TomBejoy no
Nov 19, 2020
On the Gloop
Nov 19, 2020
@SMTCubes damn mr. pubes you have bewildered me. Mattsreviews is my new goat smh
Nov 19, 2020
@TomBejoy :)
Nov 20, 2020
@SMTCubes bruh i have two cousins who bump ajr
Nov 20, 2020
@TomBejoy well i’m your third now :)
6d ago
@Toasterqueen12 time to mutually beat each other with two pairs of jumper cables
6d ago
Wap Wap Wap!
6d ago
@Toasterqueen12 Certified Freak!
6d ago
That was the sound of me hitting you with Jumper Cables but yeah 👍 7 Days a week!
6d ago
This review made me hate you SMTCubes.. An extremely bad take. I mean, this album actually sucks you know? I mean I haven't listened to it so I wouldn't know but look at that score! You're delusional! Liked and followed, what's your PayPal I can pay you like 10k if you want
6d ago
@Toasterqueen12 i know, i was just making the joke LMAO
6d ago
@MattsReviews my paypal is Matthew Kim on youtube 👍
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