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Natural Snow Buildings - Daughter of Darkness
I'm tired of all my old worthless reviews so I going to be deleting most of them, I am also going to be rating freely from now on (as in rating more than just what I have reviewed) because I don't have as much time as before to review and I would still like to express my feelings about my favourite albums without having to review them.
This album is the prime example of it. I've been trying to write a proper review for it for more than six months now but, as you can imagine, doing a 7h release ... read more

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The Blithe Sons - Arm of the Starfish
It's strange what these songs can do to you. Just when you think you've got it pinned down, it slips away like sand into the sea.
So I sit on the docks next to the beach and the sea is talking to me. Actually it isn't exactly talking to me but it is trying communicate something to me. It sounds important because I think it is trying to warn me of something but I can't quite decipher what it's trying to say. I jump down from the docks onto the sand to get a closer look buts the sea just keeps on ... read more
Natural Snow Buildings - Terror's Horns
Grab a rifle, throw on that hat and get ready to move... the hunt is on. The day's done, but it ain't pitch black yet. Perfect time for a little walk, you get me?
First off, we'll check out the old town, a lot of those little bastards tend to hang around there for some reason. Stupid decision right? but that's why we deal with them first. Nothing lifts up my spirit like some cheap kills after a good day's work. Once we've cleaned up those streets, we should go take a walk by the swamp. That's ... read more
Matt Valentine - Omni Love (Environments)
The bubble forms. A dense drone reminiscent of Natural Snow Building free-folk oriented material. But as the deep repeating bassline continuously pumps air into it, the bubble grows larger and larger. Soon enough it is large enough to fill the entire space. It is then that strange events start to occur inside the bubble itself. Cascading strings, vast electronic surges that stretch from one side of the bubble to the other, the ephemeral plucking of guitars. It's a truly captivating world that ... read more
Spires That In The Sunset Rise - Spires That in the Sunset Rise
Excuse me but what the fuck? This is far too special to be sitting around at 3 ratings.

This is the sound of a band that is perfectly able to play conventional songs (they have an ear for a catchy melodies, they have an ear for groovy rhythms too) but, for sake of preserving their idiosyncrasy, fervently refuses to do so. What happened to the centuries of harmonic theory so that music could evolve past the stage of banging sticks and rocks together in a cave? It's all thrown out the ... read more

Natural Snow Buildings - Night Coercion Into the Company of Witches
The Final Sacrifice for the Great Epiphany

Chest-naked, your anemic body limp on the stone slab, the life essence evaporating out of your skin and your breath running cold. From the ceiling of the pyramid, the divine sunlight pours down picturesquely through the leaves of the Great Tree, all the way down onto the sacrificial stone : the stone on which you lie, gloriously. Your warm blood might be flowing down the cold steps of the shrine, but your face shows a different picture. It reveals ... read more


That is actually some great insight. I wrote a review for a Viper release a while back and instead of writing about the music directly I wrote about my overall feelings on him as an artist and a quick story about my transition into liking his art. It's not a good review but it was fun writing it. I definitely see, where you're coming from.

Thanks, I try to keep it that way haha
I've noticed. Enjoyable, seeing someone that has a passion for music criticism and, who wants to write more meaningful reviews. That's part of the reason, why I haven't been doing them. I hate all of my reviews and would like to write up to the standard I hold myself to, but I also don't have the motivation to dedicate enough time to create more long-form characterizations on exactly why I love the pieces I rate so highly. Also, I've been consumed by schoolwork and my matura exam, so I'm only focusing on listening to music if I catch time in between studies. I've only heard Canticles of Ecstacy, Voice of the Blood, Voices of Angels, and 11,000 Virgins.
Will definitely be checking out O Jerusalem as I haven't heard it. Thank you for the recommendation.
Yes, her compositions go straight to your soul. One of the most fascinating, versatile, and wise figures in history. She is in a tier of her own.
By the way, love that Sechs Suiten für Violoncello Solo review. Keep it up. 😊
I will give it another spin in due time :)
Gotta revisit this album, I think I haven't listened to it since 2008 or smth
Hey thanks! I appreciate that πŸ™πŸΌ
Ayahuasca, The Christ Tree, Salvador Kali, Anything Bright or Startling? The Liquified Throne of Simplicity and obviously, pretty much everything by Natural Snow Buildings and Tuluum Shimmering


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