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snowman -
basic weez
snowman -
This could easily be an 8 if you could actually hear the vocals. I mean of course technically & instrumentally speaking: it’s a fantastic punk record but the vocals fall a bit short of the mark besides a few tracks.
snowman -
Lets make every song go on for 2 minutes too long. And lets yodel for half of it. Fuck it throw in another basic guitar solo to get Cletus fired up. Hell yeah man. Real rock is back. None of that pussyboy indie shit. Yeahhhh guitar wailing = epic.
snowman -
For every solid song with Drake or Travis Scott there’s 8 very bad songs with some random YSL member I don’t care about. And wow a lot of the guest verses are badddddddd. + so many of these instrumentals are so painfully boring and basic. ugh.
snowman -
Perhaps the most consistently good project from any member of Griselda. Even Pray for Paris has a couple tracks that are borderline unlistenable.
La Maquina is a hip hop purist’s absolute dream. Unique beats & nothing but spitting. Great verses & some fantastic guest appearances especially from JID & 2 Chainz.


Apr 15, 2021
What's your favorite Swans record and song? (List)
Apr 10, 2021
snowman gang
Apr 7, 2021
furry snowman
Apr 2, 2021
snowman ⛄️ snowman ☃️
Mar 12, 2021
Hey, I'm making a list of people's favourite Beatles lyric, what's yours? Thanks :))
Mar 8, 2021
you scare me snowman
Mar 3, 2021
congrats on 600!
Feb 28, 2021
Hope we could collab soon
Feb 28, 2021
Thanks for the follow!
Feb 27, 2021
Following! Thanks for the Julien Baker appreciation.

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