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The Microphones - The Glow Pt. 2
*Warning* This is by far my longest and most in depth review. This album truly has a very special place in my heart,, and it means a lot to me. This took me a long time, so enjoy :)

This is now my favorite album of all time. No joke. It is beyond a 10 for me. Every song has grown on me in some way. The Moon is my favorite song of all time now. I could literally go through every song and talk about how great it individually is. So I will. Here’s my in depth analysis of how I see the ... read more

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The Smashing Pumpkins - Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness
Okay bur fr why does Billy Corgan sound like his nose is stuffed. Like how does he do that

The Smooshing Punpkins hmmm. I honestly like this record quite a bit. I binged this just because I used to listen to SP a ton when I was younger and I kinda forgot about them. I also had never heard this album in full until now. Now the first thing I’ll say is that Billy Corgan is a very strange singer to me. Like sometimes his voice works really well for the attitude and feel to a song, but other ... read more

alt-J - An Awesome Wave
It’s a pretty mildly impressive wave

I like this album. It’s kind of a strange one for me though. I kinda don’t like the vocalist, but after awhile I got used to it..? I think? Maybe it was just the impressive atmospheres and melodies that shine through and made it a bit more passable for me. Idk I’m not completely blown away but there are definitely some good songs like Something Good, Matilda and Taro. Breezeblocks is definitely a popular one but it’s still ... read more

The War on Drugs - Lost in the Dream
If I could live in a sound: The Album

Okay this genuinely is such a beautiful record. Like it’s the perfect blend of an atmosphere, a certain sort of nostalgia, and fantastic songwriting. Front to back I am captivated, and each song feels so memorable and genuine. Im honestly surprised it doesn’t run out of steam considering it’s hour long runtime. Red Eyes genuinely would probably make it into my top 50 songs of all time, which is kinda saying a lot considering the amount of ... read more

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Cool It Down
Yep. Uhuh. Yes. Yeah. Certainly. Affirmative. Confirmed. Of course. Very Well. Sure. Most assuredly. Undoubtably. Unquestionably.

Nah this is a pretty great album tho. Not every single part lands for me (mainly just the closer), but the production, the instrumental drops and the singing are all pretty huge highlights. Seriously whenever those drops hit, they HIT. I reallly really like the opener, and Wolf, Burning and Blacktop are all bangers.

Splitting Off the Edge of the World - ... read more

The Microphones - Don't Wake Me Up
Wow. God I can’t even explain what this album made me feel just now. For some stupid reason, this was the one album that I just never listened to in The Microphones catalog. Maybe part of me didn’t want to finish Phil’s discog, just because of how much of an amazing experience his work has provided for me, and this would be the last time for who knows how long until I hear another one of his albums for the first time. Maybe that’s stupid, idk. This man has genuinely ... read more


Hey, I've been meaning to pop in for a while now and say that I appreciate the kind words you left in my shoutbox! It means a lot in letting me know that my reviews aren't going unnoticed. Also, I'm always seeing your reviews on all kinds of things that I listen to and you've got some great takes and taste. If you got any band recommendations please feel free to share them! Also, I definitely like the pfp being, much like mine, HTLT related. Possibly in my number 1 spot for favorite albums ever even though I've listened to like over 100 time by now.
what up snowy
i’m back
i’m alive
have a lot to catch up on lol
Thanks for follow, hope you get some motivation back
I’m a bit less motivated to do full reviews right now honestly, so I’m gonna kind of just share whatever I’m feeling with each review, and go in depth whenever I feel like I have more to say
Hello Snowy! I made a list about songs I have cried too and trying to get people's answers on what THEY have cried too. Do you got any examples? If so could you add it in the comments of my list, I'm trying to gather a lot of sad songs lol
That would be song of the year right there I actually sobbed
YESSS I didn't know it was even happening. I will listen to that song the next time I see some headphones lol
I am literally so happy it actually exists :))))

It was actually seeing your rating of it that orignally piqued my interest so yeah thanks thanks thanks haha


I love music too much
This is just for fun!
A lot of albums I have a hard time coming back and updating if opinions change but I'll tryyyy lol
Lemme know if there's an album I should listen to and review :)

100 - Literally ascending
90-99 - Masterpiece
80-89 - Really great
70-79 - Good
60-69 - Pretty alright
50-59 - It's okay
40-49 - Not the best
30-39 - Bad
20-29 - Awful
10-19 - Terrible
1-9 - Vomiting
0 - Hell

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