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SnowyFighter -
I know that literally no one knows this album on this website, but MAN they should because this is a good album. This is someone that is a really good friend of mine, and I wanted to give it a proper unbiased review. This is my honest opinion and it is very positive and it’s because this is genuinely so good on literally every front. This album punches you in the face, and then rests you down to sleep, literally. It's full on psychedelic rock, indie rock, and even post punk influences ... read more

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SnowyFighter -
Pink Floyd had a makeover and got a new singer... and it's good

Really though, this is a pretty solid record. I don't think it's as absolutely mind blowing as it sets out to be, but I still enjoy it a lot. The production is superb, with the guitar adding a ton of punch when it comes in. The vocals are pretty nice, and the writing is definitely interesting. Only Young is a great closer with the flow of the track moving very well. Liberty Bell is also another standout, along with Lawmaker and ... read more
SnowyFighter -
Post what Jeff. We must KNOW AHH

This just so happens to be, another solid Jeff Rosenstalk album. Nothing that special in terms of being super different from his usual sound, but just good tracks. He took a break from being conceptual like WORRY, and decided to make some bangers. There are some really long songs on here which are definitely highlights though. I think that also 9/10 is such a memorable singalong song. I love its melody and lyrics a ton. All This Useless Energy is also an ... read more
SnowyFighter -
Star fucker? Alright I guess

This album has some amazing songs on it, but it also has a lot of songs that are just kinda there arnd don't bring the album forwards in a lot of ways. I think that the overall feeling to this album is great though. Isabella of Castile is an absolute standout with it being infectious as hell, and being such a great indie pop song. You got Ronald Gregory Erikson the Second which is a weird ass name but it's a great song with that guitar feeling so nice and well ... read more
SnowyFighter -

It's a nice little indie record. For the most part, the acoustic elements of this project add a nice feeling to it, and I like the rain noises. The song Beach Bummer is a really cute song and something just kind of drags me towards it. I really like the multiple voices singing in the beginning. Cafe Beat for some reason really got me too, with it just being a really nice comforting listen. August is good but the Mario voices kind of ruin it for me haha. Lovefool is also great. I just like ... read more
SnowyFighter -
Meg, look at this place this place is like a mansion look at all this stuff look I see something over there woooooooooahhhhh

This is the final release from The White Stripes and I’m glad they went out on a good note. Get Behind Me Satan was slow and boring, and this picks It back up a little bit. They stick with catchy riffs and melodies while also bringing in some different elements. The best example of this is Conquest, which was a really weird song when I first heard it years ago but ... read more


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