Björk - Biophilia
Oct 16, 2022
Bjork’s fashion popping off even more

HERE WE FUCKING GO. I think this is her best album since Vespertine (as of rn) There are like 2 songs that I don’t vibe with that much, but besides that I will be coming back to the rest of this project. Bjork on this album seems to take a little bit more of a minimal approach with a majority of the tracks, but the way it’s done is masterful. I really like when she can create a sort of atmosphere that allows for a beautiful and impressive experience. That’s pretty much most of this album. Her vocals shine a lot on this as well, which isn’t a surprise at this point, but with how minimal everything can be it truly does feel like the centerpiece. Mutual Core is one of my favorite songs from her. I love the subtle and beautiful verses that completely transform into noisy and chaotic choruses. It’s such an interesting idea and every part of it works. The ending is also just nuts. Virus is insanely beautiful, and I love the little chimes. Moon is the same and it’s fucking amazing, like GOD. I love the sound of the guitars, and the minimal sound speaks volumes to me. Crystalline is a really cool one, and Thunderbolt’s melody is a chefs kiss. Solstice initially didn’t do as much for me, but as it progressed I find it to be a wonderful closer, that left an impact. For some reason this whole thing just really worked for me. I love how much she continues to mess with her sound. I genuinely think she’s becoming one of my favorite artists.

Moon - 9.5
Thunderbolt - 9.5
Crystalline- 9.5
Cosmogony - 8
Dark Matter - 6
Hollow - 4.5
Virus - 9.5
Sacrifice - 8.5
Mutual Core - 10
Solatice - 9

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