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Animal Collective - Merriweather Post Pavilion
Nov 22, 2021
I have found ascension

Album reaction out :) (Link in profile)

This album blew my fucking minddddd. JEEZ I love this thing. Ever since hearing this for the first time, it has literally been on repeat for days. It’s so catchy, memorable, and emotional all at the same time I love the lyrical topics here, ranging from caring for the ones you love, and getting high in a field haha. It’s all super interesting to me though, and it makes these songs come to life even more than they already do. When I say they come to life, I mean they REALLY pop. These songs are produced insanely well, and every synth that is used just makes my ears so happy. In The Flowers is a psychedelic powerhouse of a song, that does a fantastic job at bringing you into the sound. The part where everything comes in and it blows up is so eargasmic. My Girls is the most popular song on the album, but this is one of those instances where it’s popular for a reason. It’s so goddamn catchy and fun. The harmonies also sound so fucking good. Daily Routine is another highlight for sure. The outro is beyond amazing, and I cant get over how creative, and well executed it is. It makes me want to float into space forever and AGH it’s just so good. Bluish is another really great one. I love how charming it is. The lyrics are so simple and playful and the overall sound of the song makes me so happy. No More Runnin is probably my favorite song on the album. I feel like a lot of people wouldn’t expect that, but it is for me. It is so simple, but holy fucking shit it is a beautiful song. It almost brought me to tears when I first heard it. Everything about it I love. The lyrics also hit really hard. It talks about how he is happy with the one he ended up with in life, and that he isn’t running trying to chase anyone else anymore, which feels more emotional just as is. It is sung so passionately, and it gives me goosebumps all over. Phenomenal song. Brother Sport was a grown for me as the outdo, but now I think that it closes the album extremely well. I love the length because it takes it’s time to develop and grow, which makes it so much more enjoyable. But yeah. This album is so fucking amazing, and I just clicked with it so much. I’m gonna be returning to this one a lot

In The Flowers - 10
My Girls - 10
Also Frightened - 7
Summertine Clothes - 9
Daily Routine - 10
Bluish - 9.5
Guys Eyes - 8.5
Taste - 7.5
Lion In A Coma - 6
No More Runnin - 10
Brother Sport - 10

Track Ratings
1In the Flowers / 100
2My Girls / 100
3Also Frightened / 70
4Summertime Clothes / 90
5Daily Routine / 100
6Bluish / 95
7Guys Eyes / 100
8Taste / 75
9Lion in a Coma / 60
10No More Runnin / 100
11Brother Sport / 100
If it is transcendent and made you ascend why it doesn't have an even higher score.
@AaronLionheart Because Lion In A Coma lmao. But yeah I really love the whole album otherwise. Def one of my favs right now
Yeah, that song it's really awkwuard in comparison with the other tracks on the backend.
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