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The Smashing Pumpkins - Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness
Oct 3, 2022 (updated Oct 3, 2022)
Okay bur fr why does Billy Corgan sound like his nose is stuffed. Like how does he do that

The Smooshing Punpkins hmmm. I honestly like this record quite a bit. I binged this just because I used to listen to SP a ton when I was younger and I kinda forgot about them. I also had never heard this album in full until now. Now the first thing I’ll say is that Billy Corgan is a very strange singer to me. Like sometimes his voice works really well for the attitude and feel to a song, but other times I kindddd of am a little annoyed. Also, I do think this album is a bit bloated, especially in the second half. I mean it’s literally a 2 hour album. I think if these half’s were two separate albums, the first half would make it as a much higher score. With those main criticisms out of the way though, some of these songs go SO hard. Like holy shit. Take Zero for example, which is probably my favorite song on here. That riff is undeniably so good. And the structure and solos are super interesting. Such a banger. Then you have my other fav which is X.Y.U. For a 7 minute song, it packs SO much in and when the tempo increases and Corgan just screams I lose my mind. The main riff also just hits like a truck. So yea, great song. 1979 is also just a great song. I don’t care if it’s the most popular, it’s just nice and nostalgic. There are tons of other great tracks like Tonight Tonight, Bullet With Butterfly Wings, Galapogos and definitely Porcelina Of The Vast Oceans. So yeah this is solid. I’m not the biggest fan in the world of the second half, but there are amazing moments sprinkled throughout the entire album

Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness - 8.5
Tonight, Tonight - 9
Jellybelly - 8.5
Zero - 10
Here Is No Why - 8
Bullet With Butterfly Wings - 9
To Forgive - 6.5
An Ode To No One - 8
Love - 6.5
Cupid De Locke - 7.5
Galapogos - 9
Muzzle - 7.5
Porcelina Of The Vast Oceans - 10
Take Me Down - 7
Where Boys Fear To Tread - 8
Bodies - 7.5
Thirty-Three - 7
In The Arms Of Sleep - 6
1979 - 10
Tales Of A Scorched Earth - 5.5
Thru The Eyes Of Ruby - 8.5
Stumbleine - 7.5
X.Y.U. - 10
We Only Come Out At Night - 4.5
Beautiful - 6
Lily (My One And Only) - 7
By Starlight - 7.5
Farewell And Goodnight - 8.5

haven't heard this one yet, but i'd definitely recommend siamese dream! i think you'd probably enjoy it based on other LPs you enjoyed :)
Yeah!! I totally will check out Siamese Dream I've been meaning to :)
He's way too american. American voice nose thing very americano.
To Forgive, Muzzle, Bodies, Thirty-Three, & In The Arms Of Sleep all low-balled. I also like We Only Come Out At Night so what do I know.
@treblafreeman can you elaborate? Its not like hes singing about eagles and American flags ;)
His voice, not lyrics. lol
The nasal sound is a very annoying American type voice.
I don’t personally mind his voice, it’s definetly a hit or miss but it works with their sound imo
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