AOTY 2023
The Walkmen - Heaven
Oct 6, 2022

Bleep bloop random record brrrrrrrrr. Even though this album has a handful of duds, there are some very good songs on here. I really enjoy We Can’t Be Beat, Nightingales and the title track. I moistly enjoy the singing and there is some cool guitar work. Those good songs just get evened out by the mediocre ones sadly. Still not a bad record and I will be returning to the catchy moments.

We Can’t Be Beat - 9
Love Is Luck - 7
Heartbreaker - 7
The Witch - 7.5
Southern Heart - 4.5
Line By Line - 5.5
Song for Leigh - 6
Nightingales- 8.5
Jerry Jr’s Tune - N/A
The Love You Love - 7.5
Heaven - 8.5
No One Ever Sleeps - 5
Dreamboat - 5.5

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