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Björk - Post
Oct 5, 2022
Art Pop masterclass wtf

God DAMN this is a good record. I had such a good time listening to this. It’s literally everything that’s great about her first record but just amped up even more. The one thing that sticks out to me a little bit more though is that she explores even more territory. While that does make this record a little scattered in style, it doesn’t matter at all to me when the songs are THIS good. And even with that, it still flows super well. Army of Me as the opener is SO GOOD. Like god it’s so badass lol. The main synth line is infectious as hell, and I love the melody. It borderline could be a Nine Inch Nails song lol. Then you have Hyperballad, which is fucking incredible. It’s sooooo beautiful, while also still picking itself up in the second half. I love the electronics on this track as well because it’s genuinely so satisfying to the ears. It’s definitely one of my favorites from her. The song that impressed me the most on first listen is It’s Oh So Quiet. Like WHAT THE FUCK. It just caught me so off guard comparing it to the tracks before it, but god DAMN. This song is so fucking goodododidksnbs. It brings back the 50s sort of style in such a unique way, and Bjorks vocal performance is absolutely stellar. Her screams give me chills. It might be my favorite on the album, even though it’s super close idk. Isobel is another really good one, and it kinda sounds like the jungle idk lol. The strings are awesome. I Miss You is super good. Love this shitttt. I’m definitely gonna be returning to this a lot, and I love the direction Bjork is going in. I can already see why she is so influential with her music.

Army of Me - 10
Hyperblind - 10
The Modern Things - 8
It’s Oh So Quiet - 10
Enjoy - 9
You’ve Been Flirting Again - 8.5
Isobel - 9.5
Possibly Maybe - 7
I Miss You - 9.5
Cover Me - N/A
Headphones - 7

possibly maybe and headphones being your least favorites hurts my soul, i love both of them lol
then again i love the whole album, so im glad you liked it too! great review
THEY MGHT GROW and maybe I just need more time with them lol. But yeah thank you! And fr this album is sooooo goooodddd
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