Soul Glo - Diaspora Problems
Apr 4, 2022 (updated Apr 14, 2022)
Edit: Driponomics goes hard as fuck idk why that was lower originally

My ears are fucking blown out

WHAT THE ACUAL HELL IS THIS. This is insanity. Literal insanity. This is some of the craziest punk/hardcore shit I have ever heard in my life. My head is spinning right now, but hold on. This album is on another fucking level of batshit crazy. The performances are absolutely wild, the singer is literally screaming his throat out, and the attitude of this project is absolutely fumed. First before I talk about what I love about this, I’m gonna get out my complaint. I think that at points, this can literally become a little too overwhelming. Specifically the singer. The singer has a great sort of thing going for this group, but man it can be a bit grating after awhile. If they fixed that problem, this could easily up itself to a 8 or even a 9 for me. Luckily at the end of the album, they really crank the quality up a lot, but after the hallway point I started to realize that problem. Anyways, everything else about it is amazing. The production its hard hitting, and it does not miss a single beat. My favorite song has to be the closer, Spiritual Level Of Gang Shit. IT IS INSANE. It also just adds this really cool melody and I think it’s the most unique song on the album besides Driponomics. Such a great closer, and it honestly blew me the fuck away. Also HORNS??? That was the absolute last thing I expected at that moment, but I am not complaining. John J is another absolutely insane one. I think it presents the crazier energy that happens throughout this whole project, but in a more unique and interesting way. Great track. Coming Correct Is Cheaper, Fucked U If True, and the opener are all great as well, and some of the switches are absolutely insane. But jeez… This is an absolute mouthful of pure anger. Ot has room to grow, but rn I am still pretty blown away by this. Just a fever dream of anger, and it’s presented so well.

Gold Chain (whogonbeatmyass?) - 8
Coming Correct Is Cheaper - 8.5
Thumbsucker - 7
Fucked Up If True - 8.5
Jump!! (Or Get Jumped!!!!)(by the future) - 7.5
Driponomics - 9.5
(Five Years And) My Family - 9
The Things I Carry - 6
We Wants Revenge - 7.5
John J - 9
Spiritual Level Of Gang Shit - 10

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