The Smile - A Light for Attracting Attention
I want to eat the album cover

YO FUCK YEA this wasn’t underwhelming I’m so happy. Radiohead is easily one of my favorite bands, and Thom Yorke is a huge part of that, so of course I was excited to hear what he had planned for The Smile. Honestly with some of the singles I was real worried this would be kinda meh but man the deep cuts did a great job at making this album more consistent. Even if every song isn’t the best there are some incredibly good moments here. I love how this record takes a more groovy and math rockish turn on a handful of the tracks. I feel like that’s something that you don’t normally get from Mr. Yorke. You still have some classic Yorkified stuff, but there is so much to love outside of that as well. The drumming is absolutely stellar holy shit and the production is top notch. Of course the singing is great duh. The guitar work is AWESOME. Dude I was so impressed with hearing Thin Thing. What an awesome guitar line. The great thing about it as well is that it keeps constantly changing through the song and still manages to feel new and impressive every time it does. It is just so satisfying to the ears and is easily a favorite on here. My absolute favorite favorite is Open The Floodgates. HOLY SHIT DUDE. Jeez it is beyond gorgeous. It kind of reminds me of some of the stuff Thom was doing with the Suspiria soundtrack, and that’s a great thing because I loved that as well. But JEEZ ahhhh. The arpeggiated synth in the back sounds absolutely incredible. The piano work is seriously so fucking good it makes my ears cry. It is so lush and there are so many beautiful and stunning textures. It’s SOOOO good. Up there with some of the best Radiohead songs. Free In The Knowledge is also just a great continuation of the feeling of Open The Floodgates. The placement is perfect. The song itself is pretty much just as beautiful. Again, the textures are just mind blowing and I love the melody so much. So fantastic. The Same is a really hypnotizing opener. Reminded me of Anima and that’s great. Papa-vision has a really interesting chord pattern. So weird but also great. Skirting On The Surface is a fantastic closer. Yeah, im all over this thing. I might love it more and more as I listen as well. I’m so glad that Thom is still making music because he is easily one of the most amazing songwriters I have ever heard. The same can be said for Jonny Greenwood. But yeah, fucking love this record.

The Same - 10
The Opposite - 7
You Will Never Work In Television Again - 8.5
Pana-vision - 8.5
The Smoke - 8
Speech Bubbles - 7.5
Thin Thing - 10
Open The Floodgates - 10
Free In The Knowledge - 10
A Hairdryer - 7
Waving A White Flag - 8
We Don’t Know What Tomorrow Brings - 9
Skirting On The Surface - 9.5

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