Jockstrap - I Love You Jennifer B
Sep 19, 2022 (updated Sep 22, 2022)
Edit: (80 -> 82) Already growing on me lol

I love you, Jockstrap

Woahhh. This album floored me on a couple levels. The hype surrounding this record had me interested, and I’ve been meaning to check this out, so I’m veryyyyy glad I did. I don’t think every part of this record is perfect, but there are some hugeeeeee highlights and the sound is really unique. First off, the production is absolutely nuts. Everything sounds perfect to me on that front, including all the electronics. The singing is fucking gorgeous. Genuinely the vocals feel super dynamic and passionate, which I love. The songwriting can get a little all over the place, and I think that might be its biggest flaw. Again though, the parts where it hits, it HITSSS. The obvious standout to me is Concrete Over Water, which made me tear up after hearing it. The melody just connects with me and if you have a strong melody, that can be more than enough for me. Not to mention the incredible drop. Seriously such a beautiful song, and I wouldn’t change a single thing. Glascow is another fantastic track, with it feeling a little less abstract than some of the other songs on here. Once again though, the melody, guitar and chord choices are all fantastic, and escalate it to another level. Neon is a super engaging opener, with the distorted drums sounding really cool when they come in, and the piano runs sounding cool as hell. Angst is simple but pretty. Yeah idk this record hit pretty hard on the nail for me. I don’t really think there’s a bad track, even with some being better than others. I’m SUPER excited to see where Jockstrap goes from here though. I feel like this record is great, but with a more consistent experience, they could elevate to an all time favorite for me.

Neon - 9
Jennifer B - 6.5
Greatest Hits - 7.5
What’s It All About - 8
Concrete Over Water - 10
Angst - 8.5
Debra - 6.5
Glasgow - 9.5
Lancaster Court - 7.5
50/50 - 7

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