Sep 21, 2022
Damn the Stranger Things dude knows how to make some bangers

Going into this I honestly had no clue what to expect, but damnnn there is some good shit on this record. There’s a lot to like here, and I think this sort of style just sits right with me. First thing I want to mention is the production because holy mother of fuck it’s good. Like BRUh. There’s so much creativity with how everything is mixed, and it feels super consistent throughout the whole record. Second, the dude can sinnggggg. His vocals are on point the entire time, and it feels super dynamic and confident. I love the attitude and delivery with these tracks. It makes everything pop out a little more. Take the opener for example. Most of the track he says the same thing, but with the little changes in dynamics and everything surrounding him constantly changing, it makes it super engaging. Also the transition into Gloom is seamlesssss. Gloom freakin slaps. Short and sweet, but also gets out some really catchy melodies and great ideas in its runtime. The build up at the end is so gooooood. It’s also pretty funny lyrically, but makes sense. My absolute favorite on the album is Go On. For some reason I just fucking loveee the progression of it, and I SWEAR it has a little bit of a post punk tinge in the second half. Maybe that’s just because I’ve heard too much post punk but oh well idk. Still such a banger and the drum groove and synths are so tight. Some of my other favorites are Half Life which has some great harmonies, and Change which is super catchy. The rest of the record is honestly great too with there only being a couple songs that don’t live up to the rest. So yeah. I love this shit and even if it’s not the most mind blowing thing ever I’m just satisfied and I had a good time the whole way through. Pretty unique for the genre too. This mf is talented.

Runner - 8.5
Gloom - 9
Half Life - 8.5
Fool - 7
On and On - 8
End of Beginning - 8
I Want Your Video - 8
Climax - 6
Change - 8.5
Is That All It Takes - N/A
Go For It - 9.5
Figure You Out - 8
Slither - 7

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