David Bowie - The Next Day
Nov 26, 2021
I unironically love how he just slapped a white box on one of his older albums and was just like “Yeah this works”

YESSS. This is great. After awhile of mid to pretty good albums, here is the first one in a little bit that I can confidently say is really great. I feel like on this album, he goes back to the magic in his golden days a little bit, with just really interesting and catchy songs. The album is 14 songs but it barely drags. The production on this album is fantastic, and all of the synths that are used don’t sound out of place at all, and it blends extremely well with everything. The album opens with the title track, which is an absolute banger of a track. I fires off the album in a really great way, and it’s also soooo catchy. The Stars (Are Out Tonight) is probably my favorite song on the album. It’s just so well written and I love the harmonies on the “oohs.” I genuinely think it’s one of my favorite songs from him, which is saying a lot lol. Where Are We Now is a beautiful song, and while it’s more melancholy sounding, I think it ends up having a more positive message. It’s extremely touching to hear him make a song like that. Love Is Lost has this really cool chord progression in the synths that I get hooked on. Boss Of Me is fucking sliccccccckkkkk. Valentines Day is also nice. I really like this project, and I feel like it’s a bit under appreciated, and I hope more people find it. Let’s just say i’ll be listening to this the next day (that was a fucking terrible joke I’m sorry lol).

The Next Day - 9.5
Dirty Boys - 6.5
The Stars (Are Out Tonight) - 10
Love Is Lost - 9.5
Where Are We Now? - 10
Valentine’s Day - 8.5
If You Can See Me - 7
I’d Rather Be High - 6.5
Boss Of Me - 9.5
Dancing Out In Space - 7
How Does The Grass Grow? - 6.5
(You Will) Set The World On Fire - 6.5
You Feel So Lonely You Could Die - 6.5
Heat - 7.5

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