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Godspeed You Black Emperor! - Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas to Heaven
Mar 20, 2022
One of the most dramatic album titles ever lol. I guess it’s preparing you for what’s to come

Video Reaction in the bio!

It’s kind of crazy how many 10s I’ve recently put out but FUCKK dude this is so good. It’s sooooo good. wtffffffff. This album from front to back is an absolute journey. No time feels wasted, even if there is a lot of ambience. It all feels like a piece to the journey. Every song is so grand and appropriate. Everything fits so well into its spot. Yeah, I really just think this is a fucking J O U R N E Y. It’s hard to even pick a favorite lol. Storm is absolutely BEAUTIFUL. It’s so pretty. So much going on, and again, it feels like no time is wasted eat all. I think it’s probably the most ethereal song I’ve ever heard. Static is INSANE. The beginning of the song is kinda weird but once you get past the “DrUgS GoD AGhHHhhH” part it is one of the most intense build ups EVER. Seriously once the tempo starts increasing, and it all leads up to this huge explosion, my soul leaves my body. It is absolutely one of the best moments on the album, if not the best. SOoOOOO goododddd. And then there is Sleep. Holy shit. Sleep might be my favorite atm, although it is really hard to choose. I just absolutely fucking LOVEEEEE the chord progression. It scratches may brain in all the right ways, and it’s so satisfying to listen to. It’s super long as well but holy fuck I don’t care. The drums are so crisp, and the grooves are so amazing. A mystical track, and the payoffs are so inanely good (that’s literally this whole album tho). Lastly there is Like Antennas To Heaven, which feels like the perfect closer. Seriously, I couldn’t imagine a more perfect closer. It feels like a beautiful end to all of the madness you just listened to with the other parts of the album. I love how at the end it’s just ambience. It feels so gorgeous. This feels like a larger than life album. It truly does. I feel like this score put itself there. I don’t have anything to complain about. Really just an experience, and an album that truly put my jaw to the floor.

Storm - 10
Static - 10
Sleep - 10
Like Antennas To Heaven - 10

Track Ratings
1Storm / 100
2Static / 100
1Sleep / 100
2Like Antennas To Heaven... / 100
That's weird, I've been giving more 10's too haha. Anyways great review, makes me wanna check it out!
I too have already given several 10s this year, haha…

But I believe that there’s no right rate of giving 10s—any time an album seems to be a 10, then it’s a 10, regardless of when you last gave a perfect score!
@Aydn I guess that's the vibe rn lol. and YES I highly recommend it
@Ethan_J_M Very well said :))
If you haven't please listen to their debut F#A#∞!!! It's my personal favourite of them, it's more narratively driven, darker and shorter
you know this is still a ten
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