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Red House Painters - Red House Painters (Rollercoaster)
Mar 15, 2022 (updated Mar 16, 2022)
Ayyyy red is my favorite color I’ll hire you

I was recommended this album from a friend and as soon as I saw the genre tag “Slowcore” I got excited. I love the genre and bands like Duster and artists like Salvia Palth I absolutely LOVE. Now as far as Slowcore goes, I think that this is a much more instrumentally lush and full sounding part of that side of things. I didn’t really expect what I got, but I was excited to get it. Some stuff didn’t immediately click, but as the album kept going it was hard to ignore some of the most beautiful cuts on here. My favorite on the album has to be Strawberry Hill. It’s a bit more shoegazey, and I just am a complete sucker for songs that have that wall of sound, and this is a perfect representation. Even with its long runtime, it manages to keep my attention as well. I love the singing, the lyrics, the passion, the chord choices, pretty much everything about it. Definitely a song that I am gonna have on repeat for awhile. I also think Katy Song has to be another easy favorite. It takes a minute to get going, but once it hits, MAN it hits hard in the feels. I love the warm guitar, and the beautiful vocals throughout the song. I love the melody as well. Mother is a feat of a song, and even as a 13 minute song, I think it is the most unique song on here, and has some absolutely stunning moments. I also think the piano version of Mistress is absolutely beautiful. But yeah, I really enjoyed this. I think that this band is really solid, and has the potential to grow on me more with time. I’m probably gonna check out more from them in the future because there is some amazing songwriting here.

Grace Cathedral Park - 8
Down Through - 7
Katy Song - 9.5
Mistress - 7.5
Things Mean A Lot - 7.5
Funhouse - 8
Take Me Out - 8.5
Rollercoaster - 6.5
New Jersey - 6.5
Dragonflies - 8
Mistress (Piano Version) - 9
Mother - 9
Strawberry Hill - 10
Brown Eyes - 7.5

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listen to down colourfill hill
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