Declan McKenna - What Happened to the Beach?
Feb 9, 2024
Hopefully bro finds what he’s looking for 🤧

Woah wtf. This is a wonky listen. I’m somewhat familiar with Declan McKenna, I’ve heard a handful of songs and the ones that I’ve listened to I’ve honestly enjoyed a lot, especially the song British Bombs. This album is very weird. It jumps from one vibe to another through each song. BUT is it fun? Absolutely. That’s what won me over with this album. Not only that but the production is great, and there are some amazing songs on here with such good hooks. Those consisting of Elevator Hum, Nothing Works, and Mezzanine. Nothing Works is already catchy as soon as it starts, but the switch up in the bridge really got me jammin the fuck out. Fuzzy ass guitar sounds awesome. Mezzanine is another song that just feels like an earworm, especially in the second half. Declan sounds super exprewssive all over this album vocally, which definitely gets a thumbs up from me. Some songs don’t fit as much as others, but overall I definitely liked this one.

WOBBLE - 7.5
Elevator Hum - 8.5
I Write the News - 5
Sympathy - 8
Mullholland’s Dinner and Wine - 7.5
Break of Light - 5.5
Nothing Works - 9
The Phantom Buzz (Kick In) - 8
Honest Test - 5.5
Mezzanine - 9
It’s an Act - 7.5
4 More Years - N/A

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Phantom Buzz and It’s an Act really pleasantly surprised me!! I wasn’t expecting them to sound the way they did at all
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