Brittany Howard - What Now
Feb 12, 2024
She’s living the life I wanna live out in the middle of nowhere

WOW this is super awesome. Brittany Howard is apparently apart of the Alabama Shakes, which I have heard literally nothing from tbh. This album is so impressive and full of life though. My god, her voice is breathtaking. The way it’s incorporated with this psychedelic soulful sound is masterful. The production is absolutely spot on, and I genuinely was looking forward to every single song. Take the opener, Earth Sign for example. You are immediately put into another world, being hit with these incredible vocals. She has some fucking vocal CHOPS. The drum groove is insane, the harmonies are insane, it’s all just so insane and so awesome. The title track has some of the smoothest riffs I’ve heard in a long while my GODDD. The drum groove once again is so killer too. Power To Undo stood out to me because of that fuzzy ass guitar outro and also the earwormy melody. Such a consistent and solid vibe of an album. Definitely one of the more instantaneously enjoyable records of the year!

Earth Sign - 9
I Don’t - 8
What Now - 9
Red Flags - 8
To Be Still - 7
Interlude - N/A
Another Day - 8.5
Prove It To You - 8
Samson - 6.5
Patience -6.5
Power to Undo - 9
Every Color In Blue - 8

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