AOTY 2023
Harold Budd - The Pavilion Of Dreams
Mar 19, 2022
Dude this really is dreamy as hell. No wonder there is a Pavillon of dreams

Alright so a friend recommended me this album saying that it’s his favorite album of all time, so I was expecting a lot. I feel like what I got was a bit unexpected but also extremely well put together. It isn’t my personal favorite album ever but it still is outstanding. This is a very chill album. The whole thing feels like you could fall asleep while listening to it. The thing that really makes it special are the absolutely gorgeous textures and instrumentation on here. A lot, and I mean a LOT of this is flipping between two chords but the thing about that, is that is adding so much beauty behind something as simple as that. My favorite song of all time is The Moon by The Microphones, and that song only uses two chords the entire time. It’s the way that they use those two chords that make it an absolute experience. That is this whole album in a nutshell. Now even though this is a really beautiful project, my problem is that it doesn’t really do too much outside of that, even though it’s consistently gorgeous. That’s why some of the other tracks don’t live up to the first one in my eyes. The first one is just completely otherworldly. But still its VERY consistent within its sound. But yeah. I like this thing a lot.

Bismillahi ´Rrahmani ´Rrahim - 10
Let Us Go Into The House Of The Lord/Butterfly Sunday - 7
Rosetti Noise/Chrystal Garden And A Coda - 9.5
Juno - 8

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