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Bon Iver - For Emma, Forever Ago
Jan 25, 2023 (updated Mar 24, 2023)
Edit: (87—>92) Yeah this album is so heartfelt. A truly personal experience. I love it so much.

The legit wintery cabin album

Wow I fucking love this. I genuinely want to go into the forest and listen to this album lol. Bon Iver I’ve literally known nothing about until now, which is kind of surprising considering how popular some of his songs are. I saw a lot of praise and I’m so glad I checked this out. This is RIGHTTT down my alley. The whole thing is just fucking beautiful. So much raw emotion, and when put with these beautiful lyrics and chord choices it makes for a special experience. Not to mention to atmosphere is entrancing and super unique to this album. I also find the story as to how this was recorded to be super interesting. Apparently the album was recorded in a time where Justin Vernon was going through a rough time in life, so he literally moved away and lived in a cabin for a long while to try and get away from everything. This entire album was meant to be just demos but after positive feedback from friends and family he released it. How fucking cool is that. Flume is my favorite song on here, which is painfully fucking beautiful oh my godddd. Those harmonies kill me, and the atmosphere is just incredible. The Wolves (Act I and II) also grips me so much, and I love the intensity at the end. Re: Stacks is such a good minimalistic track that serves as such a wonderful closer. Not much to complain about really. Just some beautiful raw emotion. I love this, and I’m super excited to check out more from him.

Flume - 10
Lump Sun - 9.5
Skinny Love - 10
The Wolves (Act I and II) - 10
Blindsided - 8.5
Creature Fear/Team - 9
For Emma - 9
Re: Stacks - 9.5

Track Ratings
1Flume / 100
2Lump Sum / 95
3Skinny Love / 100
4The Wolves (Act I and II) / 100
5Blindsided / 85
6Creature Fear / 85
8For Emma / 90
9Re: Stacks / 95
I think the self-titled is better, but this is still a great project.
This is his best project imo, one of my favorite albums of al time. Glad you loved it! If you’re going to listen to more Bon Iver, I’d definitely recommend going in order. Hearing his sound evolve is pretty wild
yup, what @caleb said. if you listen to his S/T and then "22, A Million" you will be blown the fuck away
Omg im so excited to hear more now haha this is exciting
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