Slaughter Beach, Dog - Birdie
Jan 10, 2022 (updated Jan 11, 2022)
Sad boi bangers

WOWWWW I fucking love this oh my god. What the hell. It’s so simple but effective. I checked out this record because I saw these guys live with Jeff Rosenstalk, and I had zero clue who they were. I really liked their vibe though, so here I am listening to this album. I am honestly very impressed. Yes it’s simple, yes a lot of it is more slow and chill, but my god it just works so well. The melodies are so potent, and they are so memorable. Even with a more chill vibe, a lot of the songs have a lift that brings them to life. A great example of this is Fish Fry. I LOVE the chorus melody, and the song has a driving feeling to it, but it’s still pretty chill. Acolyte is their biggest song I believe, and I can see why. It’s a song that you would easily be able to sing along with. The oohs are so nice and it’s a beautiful song. I also really love the opener, Phoenix. It introduces the album with this really sweet guitar and melody. Other great ones are Gold and Green, Bad Beer, Sleepwalking, and Buttercup. Another thing I love about this album are the lyrics. They are so beautiful and tell these really great stories that fit the tones of the all the songs. This is just great. I don’t know why, but I just really click with it, and I’m gonna be coming back to this a lot. Melancholic beauty.

Phoenix - 9
Gold and Green - 8.5
Pretty O.K. - 7.5
Bad Beer - 8
Shapes I Know - 6
Sleepwalking - 8
Fish Fry - 9.5
Buttercup - 8
Friend Song - 6
Acolyte - 9.5

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