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Björk - Vespertine
Oct 7, 2022 (updated Oct 8, 2022)
This is one of the best albums I’ve ever heard

“It’s not meant to be a strife
It’s not meant to be a struggle, uphill”

Power and beauty. I knew people liked this album. I knew that it was probably gonna be good. I was hoping I would love it, but I was worried I wouldn’t immediately catch on. Following up an album like Homogenic is not an easy thing to do. That album is so unique and puzzling as an experience, and it’s an Art Pop album that still holds up like it came out today. But god… fucking… dammit. This is beyond anything I could’ve ever expected. Truly. The entire time I was listening to this I was like “When is there gonna be a song that isn’t perfect? When is there gonna be a moment I don’t like? There’s no way.” Yet, here we are. This album hit my core. To me, this is the most focused Bjork album so far. Every song feels perfectly placed, and I truly mean that. The flow of this album is absolutely unreal. My favorite albums of all time usually have a very specific feeling to them, that really makes me fall in love. That feeling is ABSOLUTELY here with this project. I can’t explain the feeling with words, and that’s what makes it so incredible. Not to mention, that this is probably one of the best produced albums I’ve ever heard. Every little synth line, every vocal melody, every chord choice, every string arrangement. All of it. Nothing falls flat. I had goosebumps literally the entire album. Not exaggerating. HOW in the world. I don’t think that’s ever happened to me before. I have to mention her vocals as well. I know I’ve constantly been saying she’s a great vocalist, but this elevates her to one of my favorite vocalists of all time. The passion in her voice is something you don’t just get every day. The lyrics fit so perfectly with everything. Getting into the individual tracks… God I don’t even know how to tackle this. It’s extremely close, but I think my favorite song might be Undo. I cried. I seriously bawled. A song genuinely hasn’t touched my heart like this before. I had to stop listening and take a break after hearing it because of how much it moved me. I just sat there in awe. The definition of beauty and power when it comes to music, is this song for me. One of the best fucking things that I have ever had the privilege of hearing. Pagan Poetry.. What the actual fuck. Another song that just feels larger than life, and is absolutely astonishing in every sense of the word. That vocal melody is just insane and it carries through so well with everything. Cocoon is a very subtle track, and I absolutely love it for that. The vocals really shine, and it feels super intimate. I also just am in love with the synth tone on that song. An Echo a Stain has one of the best endings on the entire album. Seriously so intense and the build is AGHHH. Hidden Place immediately drags me in as an opener. God the fucking atmosphere of that song again, feels otherworldly. I absolutely love the sound play. It’s Not up to You has so many beautiful textures, and it feels like an ethereal wave with the chorus. Another unreal melody. Unison is unbelievable as a closer. Literally ends the album so god damn perfectly, and it feels almost like a climax moment of the entire experience. Frosti is one of the best interlude type tracks I’ve heard. I could keep going, I really could. I could keep going on about the details of every song. Aurora, Sun in My Mouth, Heirloom and Harm of Will. I love all of those songs. It genuinely all feels like one big movement. Maybe I’ll make this review longer in the future. But seriously, this might be in my top 5 albums ever. That’s how fucking much I adore this album. I really didn’t expect that to happen. I know I spat out a lot but I still am just shocked by how much I love this record. The entire runtime I can’t help but truly be I’m awe with what I’m hearing. Pure beauty to the highest extent. Wow. Thanks for reading my crazy rambles about how much I love music lol :)

Hidden Place - 10
Cocoon - 10
It’s Not up to You - 10
Undo - 10
Pagan Poetry - 10
Frosti - N/A
Aurora - 10
An Echo a Stain - 10
Sun in My Mouth - 10
Heirloom - 10
Harm of Will - 10
Unison - 10

Track Ratings
1Hidden Place / 100
2Cocoon / 100
3It's Not Up to You / 100
4Undo / 100
5Pagan Poetry / 100
7Aurora / 100
8An Echo, a Stain / 100
9Sun In My Mouth / 100
10Heirloom / 100
11Harm of Will / 100
12Unison / 100
amazing review + deserved, vespertine for life!
I always get so happy to see people praise this albums because it's my fav oat😭. I rely loved your review of it it encapsulated all the feelings I get from this album. Just a note on continuing with your bjork journey: her albums from now on will be more experimental and for many, it takes a lot more time to get use to. I advise you to give them more time than one two or even three listens as it's generally not uncommon for them to grow on you with more listens. And I'm not necessarily saying it's bad to not like them, im speaking both from personal experience and from others from what I have gathered on reddit and music review websites that it takes time to like them for some because she kinda turns into a less pop orientated sound. But some don't like them even after many listens which is also fine lol as you can see yourself how after vespertine bjork doesn't get the same universal acclaim that she use too with the exception of vulnicura which calls back to homogenic and vespertin
Lol sorry about how much I wrote😅😂.
i hate this album 🤬🤬🤬
@mike_drop FRRRR
@Guy24 I'm super interested! I understand that this is kind of peak Bjork for a lot of people but I'm genuinely very interested to see what happens after this, and I will take your advice. Even if I give an initial score it could grow on me very fast or not I guess we shall seeee :)
@DantorGD I agree, fucking garbage
W score along with a review. And of course, fucking amazing album too.
An amazing review!! This my next listen from Bjork and I'm so excited!
@arsheeza Thank you :)
@alexareviews I appreciate that!! I hope you enjoy ittttttt
@Phoenix AGHHH I was thinking about doing a reaction but there are just some artists I kind of wanted to take in on my own time. I still really appreciate your support though it means a ton!! And this album is phenomenal
@SnowyFigther I ended up giving it a 100 as well, it was incredible!
you should do a first reaction to this album
Amazing review and it's funny, I literally cried at Undo and had to take a break at that moment too! What an amazing but soul-crushing track and album in general.
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