AOTY 2023
Susanne Sundfør - blómi

Glad I finally got around to this, I’ve heard a lot about it and kept meaning to get around to it throughout the year. Better late than neverrrrrr. Blomi is a pretty damn beautiful listen. Maybe not every moment clicks with me (the opening and closing tracks) but all in all this is for sure a nice listen. Very beautiful chords, textures, production, vocals. I especially thought the title track was a beautiful moment, absolutely love the more ballad like feel and also those chords ... read more

Ed Sheeran - -
Next thing you know he’s gonna make an album called √

Ughhhhghguhghhfh okay uhhhh so as I’m going back through many of the records I’ve missed this year, I decided to force myself to listen to this Ed Sheeran record. Now honestly, I thought this was gonna be much worse than I think it is. Not saying I necessarily enjoyed it that much though. But at least there were a couple moments where I was like “oh wait this actually sounds kinda nice” like on Boat or ... read more

Kesha - Gag Order
Get that bag off her head ☹️☹️

Was surprised that I came out enjoying this quite a bit! I mean I have zero experience with Kesha’s music, and I know she’s a pretty huge pop artist. This record is definitely pretty artistic in its message and its sound. Starting with the song Something To Believe In was such a surprise to me with how the synths at the beginning build and it turns into this really engaging and personal sounding song. I think both the song Happy and Only Love ... read more

Logic - College Park

Not too bad! Literally never heard a single Logic song in my life. I know that might sound crazy but I’m pretty damn sure it’s true lol. Starting here with College Park I actually found this to be an interesting listen. Am I the biggest fan of all of the songwriting? Not really, but I will say I actually was pretty engaged with the story of this album, just kind about him growing and developing as an artist, as well as one of his first experiences on a bigger stage. ... read more

Liturgy - 93696
The screaming as if she’s getting stabbed repeatedly is relatable af

What a fucking insane listen. Oh my god. This was a LARGE ass pill to swallow. I definitely came out of this experience saying that I enjoyed it, but god I just don’t even know what to make of it half of the time. First off, the arrangements are absolutely fucking incredible. Like this shit is so unbelievably impressive. Antigone, the title track and Haelegen are key examples of this. Antigone has to be the best ... read more

Gabrielle Aplin - Phosphorescent
The blue dimension looks pretty nice

Phosphorescent is a pop record that has absolutely fantastic vocals, with sort of just okay songwriting imo. It initially surprised me at the beginning, with the song Skylight. Love that track a lot. But then the rest of the record I was thinking that it sounds like pretty standard pop. Definitely not a bad listen on the ears at all, again the vocals are fantastic. Everything else about this record tho just doesn’t hit the mark I was hoping it ... read more

BrokenTeeth - 추락은 천천히 [How to Sink Slowly]
Dive into that album cover and I’m pretty sure you’ll sink slowly

Continuing to speed run more albums that I didn’t get around to before the end of the year, I land here with BrokenTeeth. I was looking forward to this just cause it’s Shoegaze which always gets me hyped and yeah it’s pretty good. Not one of the more out there Shoegaze records of the year but hey it’s nice on the ears and there are some nice moments like Spring that show off some pretty ... read more

Sir Chloe - I Am The Dog
Everyone’s got that dawg in them

This was great! I actually loved this. I enjoyed some of Sir Chloe’s most popular material on Party Favors, and this is just as good, if not better. An indie rock record with great production, and hooks for DAYS. Love her voice a ton as well, it’s super satisfying to me. The song Daddy’s Car has not only my favorite hook, but also some BANGIN instrumentation. Center, Salivate, Hooves, and Feel Again also stood out to me. The whole thing ... read more

U.S. Girls - Bless This Mess
Sometimes you gotta make a mess to make something beautiful

Hmmmmmmmmmm. This is a very interesting listen. There’s a lot about this that I actually really like, it’s just a bit inconsistent all in all imo. BUT holy shittt I love the song So Typically Now. That shit makes me wanna get up and dance. Great melodies and it has a punchy ass beat. The opener is solid too. The last track drags this album down tho sadly, like whyyyyy lmao. Gotta love hearing the word “you” ... read more

Don’t bring the frog into this y’all

This is my first Waterparks album, after hearing some interesting things about the band. Honestly, there are some things that I do enjoy about this record, but unfortunately the negatives outweigh the positives here for me :,( Starting off with what I like about it though, there are some pretty catchy melodies and the song structures are pretty interesting. On a song like Self Sabotage I was kind of surprised by that. But god damn, I just can ... read more

Mannequin Pussy - Patience

Don’t have a crazy amount to say about this record, but I still really enjoyed it. I heard their other record Romantic recently and it made me wanna check this out, and it might be more consistent. Powerful instrumentals, vocals and production. Everything that makes this band stand out. Drunk II, Fear/+/Desire, High Horse, and In Love Again all are great songs. Consistent, fun and hard hitting record

Patience - 8
Drunk II - 8.5
Cream - 7.5
Fear/+/Desire - 8.5
Drunk I - ... read more

Say Anything - ...Is a Real Boy
If Pinocchio wrote an emo album

THIS IS FIRE. I had a long ass car trip and I decided to put this on because a lot of people have recommended it to me. It’s really good!! Very emo, yet still pretty unique and goes hard as fuck a lot of the time. I also happened to listen to extended version which has some weird ass songs on it (aka Wow, I can get sexual too like wtf is that song) but the core 13 song album is phenomenal. Chia-Like, I Shall Grow and Alive With the Glory of Love are my ... read more

Kelela - Raven
Time to drown in the sea of swirly synths and pretty vocals

Super happy I ended up finally getting around to this. Since the end of the year is approaching I gotta make sure I binge as much as possible lol. This is super nice though!! Absolutely wonderful soundscapes and stellar vocals. As a longer record it doesn’t really lose much steam. The ambient songs are pretty and the songs that bop, BOP. I love Happy Ending, that drum groove is so sick. Washed Away, Contact, Sorbet, all great. ... read more

The Rolling Stones - Steel Wheels
The wacky ™ 80s era is coming to a close

It’s another record that just feels like Stones being the Stones. It doesn’t even sound that 80s anymore compared to the last couple records. Honestly a lot of this feels like it could’ve come from the late 70s. Although, it does feel a wee bit run of the mill imo. I do think Terrifying is actually pretty catchy and there are decent songs here and there but yea it’s just a pretty decent Stones record all in all

Sad Sad Sad ... read more

Ovlov - Am
I’d be running into that field too tbh

Wow this is a banger record. I had heard Ovlov’s most recent album as of now, Buds and really enjoyed it. This one I think is even better tbh. It’s their debut and they already nail the noisy, Shoegazey sound they are known for. Pretty much every song is a banger. I especially love Where’s Mu Dini, Moth Rock and The Great Alligator. Great and sticky melodies all over this thing with really punchy production and performances. I ... read more

The Rolling Stones - Dirty Work
Wow this cover is so 80s it hurts

The Stones give into the 80s tropes kinda hard here lol. I don’t even think this is a bad album necessarily but I think there are some issues for me personally that hold it back quite a bit. On the surface these really aren’t bad songs at all, Mick Jagger’s vocals are the very questionable thing to me tho across this LP. It’s just a little too much..? Idk if it fits these songs that well. Some songs I also just find to be either cheesy ... read more

jonatan leandoer96 - Sugar World
Cheesiness levels be like 📈📈📈📈📈 (Mad respect)

What an interesting record. There are honestly moments of pure euphoria on this thing in the songwriting and production department but god damnnn I just wish I clicked with the vocals more. Like seriously I love some of the melodies and instrumentals so much, especially on the track River of Another Town which is my fav. But other moments I’m just sitting there wishing and hoping for a better performance vocally. I get the ... read more

The Rolling Stones - Undercover
Horny: The album

I honestly am kinda surprised I enjoyed this more than I thought I would. Undercover is a pretty groovy album, which is something I personally prefer over some of their earlier blues rock progressions that get very rinse and repeat imo. I’m not like blown away by it or anything and nothing really jumped out at me as amazing but for the sound they are going for, it’s really not that bad. I did enjoy the horns a lot on Too Much Blood. Lyrically I’ve also been ... read more

Drop Nineteens - Hard Light
That lighting does go hard tbh

Drop Nineteens are back with a reunion record after who knows how fucking long lol. I never was the biggest fan of Deleware but I was still excited for this to drop just cause anything Shoegaze I’m pretty hyped to check out. Hard Light is a record that I didn’t find to be the most unique Shoegaze record, but it has its moments. Mainly A Hitch and T specifically, with the ladder being a really euphoric closer that gets hella loud. I also like how both ... read more

bl4ck m4rket c4rt - Today I Laid Down
I meant to review this project a lot sooner, and I had no clue about the recent news. Absolutely breaks my heart to hear. All I really want to say is rest in peace Kai, thank you for this very special thing you’ve given us <3
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