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After getting bored of generic lo-fi indie pop whatever, I decided to dip my toes into the metal genre with a seemingly harmless LP by a name I recognized from my time on the internet; that of course being Poppy. I was excited for the release of the album when I heard about it, and didn't even realize that it WAS metal until I gave it a listen. I didn't listen to any of the singles, hoping to be surprised and see if it was really as dark as the cover art implied. And yes, I was surprised. ... read more
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This album is incredibly boring an uninspired. Probably more boring and uninspired than this review.
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Let's get this out of the way real quick; I used to be a major AJR stan. I loved every one of their songs, nearly had a stroke when they announced this album, and enjoyed the hell out of it for months. The unique mix of instruments really drew me in at first.

Then, two major things happened.

1. I started watching Anthony Fantano. Yes, I'm probably biased because I mainly listen to stuff he reviews, and I don't have enough MuSiCaL kNoWleDgE to formulate my own educated opinions. But the ... read more
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Regina Spektor is an underrated gem that deserves so much more than she's given.

From a glance, she is a simple chamber pop artist, focusing heavily on intentionally emotion inducing piano melodies. That description might generally sum up the majority of Regina's discography, but it undermines a lot of what makes Regina so unique. This LP shows just how creative, bold, and quirky Regina's music and lyrics can be.

Soviet Kitsch is one of Regina's shortest albums in terms of amount of songs, ... read more
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I don't know how qualified I am to review this album. I am 1. a teenager who 2. has never heard a Green Day song until "Father of All...", 3. mainly listen to lofi-pop and 4. has never actually reviewed an album before. So yeah, my thoughts on this album might be pretty invalid and stupid, especially because I am judging this purely by its own sound and not how Green Day or rock fans WANT it to sound.

But in my opinion, this album wasn't that great. Half of the tracks are bearable, ... read more
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