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Hey What
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Oct 15

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SonicDiscovery -
Strand of Oaks is a musical project of singer, songwriter and producer Timothy Showalter and although I’ve hear and liked singles from him in the past, his newest album In Heaven is my first full foray into his work and I’m liking what I hear. Reading about his music, it appears Showalter tends to jump around styles, but on this release he stays firmly in a sound that recalls a lot of UK acts from the late 80’s and 90’s like the Verve and later Echo & the Bunnymen ... read more
SonicDiscovery -
After a 5 year gap between albums, Canadian jazz group BadBadNotGood returns with a big slice of jazz fusion on their latest Talk Memory. The boys have always shown great skills as a jazz quartet, but this time they don’t focus too much on hip hop leaning beats and grooves of their previous work, but rather go with something wilder that looks back into the past for inspiration. There are still many strong melodies found here that highlight the best tracks, like the one on “Besides ... read more
SonicDiscovery -
I wasn’t sure what to expect out of this Sable video game soundtrack by Japanese Breakfast and although only three songs include vocals by Michelle, the instrumentals stay relatively close to what she’s already attempted. I’m sure listening to this while enjoying the game would change my experience, but for now I really enjoyed the ‘Day’ version of songs since they were more vibrant. Like already mentioned, this Sable soundtrack is best experience during playtime, ... read more
SonicDiscovery -
I’ve been a big fan of British singer and songwriter James Blake since his superb 2011 self-titled debut and now five album in and the man has yet to release a bad album. His latest Friends That Break Your Heart, still focuses in on his strong vocal melodies to lead the way and make tracks like “Famous Last Words”, “Life Is Not The Same” and “Say What You Will” so compelling, all the while the rhythmic beat and SZA feature give “Coming Back” ... read more
SonicDiscovery -
After having shown how well Andre and Big Boi worked as a duo, Outkast’s fifth album Speakerboxxx/TheLove Below would now show us how effectively they worked going solo. Big Boi’s Speakerboxxx esthetically comes closes to their previous work with catchy funk tracks like “Bowtie” and big hit in “The Way You Move”, while chugging guitars and verses by Killer Mike give “Bust” & “Flip Flop Rock” an aggressive attack, crunk is ... read more


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