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Alex Lahey - The Answer Is Always Yes
I really liked what I heard from The Best of Luck Club, the sophomore effort by Australian singer-songwriter Alex Lahey and I was hoping that future music would bring something new to the table, but instead her latest The Answer Is Always Yes feels like a lot of the same. Things get off to a strong start with “Good Time”, “Congratulations” and “You’ll Never Get Your Money Back” all being potent power-pop that discuss getting back to living after being ... read more
Paul Simon - Seven Psalms
Truly gifted songwriters never really lose the ability to write great songs, as so happens to be the case with Paul Simon. The man just released a new album Seven Psalms last month and it’s crazy to think he’s been doing this since his teenage years in the 60’s because listening through, you realize he’s still got the magic. These seven songs span across one long 33 minutes track and here he contemplates faith in a very personal, honest and observant way. The opening ... read more
Mandy, Indiana - i've seen a way
It’s always interesting to find experimental and synth based music that is crafted by a band or something large than just a duo and UK based group Mandy, Indiana shows the prospects several minds can provide on their debut album I’ve Seen a Way. Throughout this debut, the band really comes across fresh and inventive when exploring what the combination of electronic, experimental, post-punk, noise rock and drone can provide. Opener “Love Theme (4K VHS)” might make you ... read more
With good to great projects behind them, rapper Aminé and electronic producer KAYTRANADA come together as KAYTRAMINÉ and the combination of vibes they provide works best when playing to their own strengths. Amniné really does a great job sounding sharp and natural flowing over KAYTRANADA’s vibrant production styling. Things can get big and bouncy as they do on declarative opener “Who He Iz” and “Master P”, while the 2-step beat of ... read more
Hot Mulligan - Why Would I Watch
Emo/pop punk band Hot Mulligan impressed me on their short but sweet EP I Won't Reach Out to You and now carry on that good quality on their latest album Why Would I Watch. Throughout this bold and concise release, the band delivers urgent songs that retain an emotional core and pop leaning appeal, while never losing the angst or aggression. Choice cuts like “It’s a Family Movie She Hates Her Dad”, “This Song Is Called It’s Called What It’s Called”, ... read more


Abbey Road and Ok Computer among your favorites, cool!
Hey Sonic, for my upcoming 700 follower special I wanted to do a list based some research on AOTY user's most listened to albums. All you need to do is send me a link to your account. If you don't have one, no worries. If you could tell me what is (probably) your top 10 most listened to albums that would great instead. Thanks for your time in advance!
Thx for the follow and nice top 5 too! You can count OK Computer to my favorite albums too, even if it isn't displayed right now.
hi!! i just dropped a new single. it’d be amazing if you could check it out. let me know what you think!
Awesome Top 5 too!
Some rap songs" could be compared to "Joker" since it explores loneliness and mental health... Dj Khaled albums could be compared to the Avengers movies since he assembles every big rapper and producer to be on them kinda like Nick Fury assembles all these superheroes for these missions loool you get the gist... if you have any suggestions, i'd be pleased to hear them.
Hey, I'm thinking of compiling a list titled "If Albums Were Movies" where I basically find similarities between an album and a film. It can be hard since it's different mediums but loose connections can be made. For istance, "GKMC" reminds me of "Boyz In The Hood". They both take place in LA and both pieces portray the struggle of young black men growing up in a tough environment ripe with issues of poverty, violence, gang culture, and highlights the struggle to succeed against the pressure to assimilate. A film like "Moonlight" could be compare to "Negro Swan" by Blood Orange since both pieces explores the experiences of a queer black men and their search for identity through a non-linear structure. "Drogas Wave" by Lupe Fiasco could be compared to "Django" or any other slaves movies in which the slaves gets freed and starts freeing other slaves since it goes along the record's narrative.
Same goes for yours!
So happy u loved it!
Hey, I just wanted to say I love your reviews!


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