XTC - Skylarking
Mar 9, 2016 (updated Mar 9, 2016)
On Skylarking, XTC puts together a mix of sunshine pop tunes and underwhelming Beach Boys impressions that, as a whole, don't go over too well. It's not bad for a track or three, but the childish lyrics, whimsical string arrangements, and run-of-the-mill '80s production are just too overloaded with cheese for me to enjoy a full 50 minutes of it.

Loved: Summer's Cauldron, Grass, The Meeting Place, Mermaid Sailed
Liked: Ballet For A Rainy Day, Big Day, The Man Who Sailed Around His Soul, Dying, Sacrificial Bonfire
Disliked: That's Really Super Supergirl, 1000 Umbrellas, Season Cycle, Earn Enough For Us, Dear God
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