Ravi Shankar - The Sounds of India
Aug 8, 2023
Ravi Shankar is a pretty well-known sitar player if you pay enough attention to world music and music from the 60's in general. His approach in helping introduce the western world to the styles of Raga and classical Indian music helped influence some of the era's best psychedelic and experimental pop and rock acts of all time. The Beatles, The Byrds, you name it.

This little EP recording serves as a way to educate listeners on how what Raga is, how it's constructed and executed. While Call of the Valley may be a proper introduction to how artistic and cohesive such music can be when assembled conceptually, this record does well in showcasing the various technicalities and proficiencies that go into the making of this music.

It's a wonderful little project. Each song is masterfully played and the songs themselves are mystical and entrancing, each with an atmospheric buildup and an explosive climactic finish to each, while also sounding distinct enough to not blend together. Recommended for those who need to broaden their musical palettes a bit more, and as a launching pad off into the world of "World Music".

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