EDEN - no future
Apr 17, 2020
"No Future" put me to sleep. It started off good, but it quickly became so derivative and predictable that the gentle guitar arpeggios and EDEN's semi-emotional vocal performances sent me straight to my dream world.

I would be lying if I said this project was not enjoyable, but every time I put it on I involuntary start zoning out after the song "just saying" and only come back to it in full focus by the track "2020". The aesthetic is generally one that I can vibe with, but it makes me so relaxed, despite it clearly going for an emotional reaction. The sounds are pleasant in the same way one may find codeine. It's neither too polished or too raw, just so dreamy and monotonous it legitimately bores the hell out of me.

I don't mind that EDEN has taken more inspirations from artists like Frank Ocean or traditional indie artists, I just feel like EDEN doesn't fully grasp yet how to cut out the fat, structure an album, or keep song structures interesting enough to warrant more listens. I feel he was a master of this on his EPs, but now he is going in a more subtle and laid back direction without the extreme synth explosions he isn't too sure how to keep attention going through a 57 minute album. A lot of this album doesn't feel focused, and that's reflected in its 19 tracks, with a lot of the songs feeling unmemorable and don't exist to drive home any album narrative but to act as a lot of backdrop. Tracks like "Fomo", "How To Sleep", "Tides", "Isohel", "Rushing", "Streams" it all feels a little too strung out and forgettable.

For future projects, EDEN really needs to better balance the somber with the exciting moments. There is a way to do minimal and highly emotional songs, but there has to be something more for the listener to hold on to. By letting go completely, so does the attention span. Hopefully his next full length effort will be a better artistic representation of an emotional and impactful story with more variety, less monotone, and more catchy songs that stick around.

Top tracks: Good Morning, Hertz, Projector, Love Death Distraction, Just Saying, 2020, Untitled


another great "No Future" review: https://www.albumoftheyear.org/user/yeet/album/186817-no-future/
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