John Coltrane - A Love Supreme
Jan 1, 2021

"A Love Supreme" by John Coltrane (1965) {Avant-Garde Jazz}

While certainly an acquired taste - There are few albums that transcend genres, but "A Love Supreme" is without a single doubt one of those. I don't know if it is because John Coltrane actually poured into it his mind and soul and the tapes were fortunate enough to actually grasp them in physical format... or probably it was the fact that Coltrane, Tyner, Garrison and Jones did the impossible and for 33 minutes they were able to read each other's minds, blend together into one single being and became each other... or is it that God (Great Architect of the Universe, Jehova, Allah or whoever/whatever), acknowledging that this music was actually made, conceived and played for him - without intermediaries, interests of any kind, religions or bullshit in-between - magically converted the saxophone, piano, bass and drums into something divine so everyone hearing the sound blasting out of them would actually feel the essence of the universe in the form of music...

Or is it that it is just an amazing album! This record speaks to my soul. The emotions, movements... Every note bending together on "A Love Supreme" screams timeless genius. The sound turns to liquid all around me. I always feel refreshed & inspired by the time it's over. Every note feels consequential, a powerful spirituality, like the music knows something profound and is sharing it with you, its confident and gorgeous and one hundred percent heartfelt and enthused, played with absolute dedication to supreme love, the perfect middle ground of free jazz and recurring melodies to latch on to, all presented in a gorgeous-sounding mix, each instrument in its own place recorded viscerally, playing off each other with drama and, above all, consistent inspiration.

Also, you can't help but chant the mantra "A LOVE SUPREME!" at the end of 'Pt.I - Acknowledgement'. You just can't!


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