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Space Vacation
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Dogleg - Melee
Mar 28

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Jul 23, 2020
Space Vacation -
This is the most Gorillaz sounding track of the bunch so far.
Whenever I see something new from them lately I get super pumped, it's nice to be excited for Gorillaz again.
Jul 17, 2020
Space Vacation -
I don't understand Oliver Tree.

Why does he dress like an over the top ironic 90's kid gimmick but actually tries to unironically make good music?
Speaking of which, the music he makes in my opinion is pure garbage.
The only thing I've ever heard by him was his 2018 EP Alien Boy that I gave a 29/100.

I despise his voice and cadence.
The beats range from mediocre to aggravating.
The production verges on ear-rape.

I hate that I was curious enough by the delays and record label controversies ... read more
Jul 13, 2020
Space Vacation -
MALNEEZY: 71/100
AZIZ: 66/100
Elitimesfour: 77/100

Winner: Elitimesfour

Really good work, guys.
Especially Elitimesfour, your production skills are great.
Can't wait for Volume 2!
Jul 13, 2020
Space Vacation -
It's not really my thing (genre-wise) but that doesn't mean that it's bad or that I think it's bad.
Very unorthodox and hypnotic at times.
Definitely a toe-tapper.
Keep grinding! You're definitely talented and filled with potential and any time you want me to check something out just send it my way!
I'd also like to give you extra kudos for being a part of the first wave of AOTY users putting out real music and not purposely bad meme rap.

(Sorry for the delay on rating/reviewing, by the way.)
Jul 1, 2020
Space Vacation -
RIP Jordan Alexander Groggs
Aug 7, 2020
Aug 3, 2020
i guess youre right. it just caught me off guard cause i didnt know the band nor the music they made, when i started listening i was like oh, nice instrumental and then this weird vocals come in and i was super confused but i feel like the contrast between the style of music they made in here and their original style of music is funny.
Aug 2, 2020
why do u like it? (i honestly would like to know your take on it)
Jul 30, 2020
96+: All-Time Favourite. Library of Congress Worthy.
100: ???
99-91: Exceptional. Fantastic. Special. Valuable.
90-85: Amazing. Would Recommend.
84-80: Great.
79-75: Very Good.
74-70: Good.
69-60: Mostly Fine.
59-50: Few Redeeming Qualities.
49-40: Negative Rating.
39-30: Bad. Wouldn't Recommend.
29-20: Awful. Stay Away!
19-10: Infuriatingly Terrible.
9-1: Shouldn't Exist. Insulting.

I rarely review an album in typical fashion; I'm better at pontificating about how it made me feel. :-}
Jul 26, 2020
Since no one on Twitter seemed happy with the Mercury Music Prize, I thought it would interesting to see what people on here thought were the best! Not in any order so scroll through options to find your favourites. Write your choices in other if they don't appear in list!
Jul 26, 2020
They do? I mean I don't know much about your page so I guess i wouldn't know. But you seem very open and friendly about people recommending music to you. You are clearly open to talking to anyone here as well judging by the fact that you thank every person who follows you. I wouldn't say you deserve it from what I know Haha. Also thanks! It feels really great flourish here now, especially with my music, which gets mostly positive feedback. Emphasis on the mostly
Jul 25, 2020
Thank you so much! You really are one of the most outgoingly nice people on this site Haha, I also believe you were the first person to say something in my shout box.
Jul 25, 2020
Heyhey! So I don't want to spam the whole site again haha, so I'll only be annoying SOME people this time. Anyways, that second EP i mentioned to you a little while ago is out now and it'd mean the world if you could review it!
Jul 17, 2020
Thank you so much!
Jul 13, 2020
thanks u for listen to me ep............ me apreciate......... thankz u StereotypicUser for review..
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