Show Me The Body - Dog Whistle
Apr 1, 2019
Trying hard not to start fires and call specific people out but the last week has been a huge downer for AOTY.
People criticizing how others listen to things or trying to put rules on how many times you need to listen to something before it's okay in their eyes to rate or review it.
Too many people on here take themselves too seriously. It's incredibly pompous and toxic.
If you haven't listened to the entire album and still rate it-- that's one thing.
But saying someone is wrong for listening once, or that they need to listen ten times or listen under some made up guideline is complete nonsense.
Seeing so many people lately say "I'm guilty of only listening once" is depressing. You have no need to feel guilt or shame over that...
Please don't let someone talk down to you or "bully" you into doing anything, let alone something as mundane as listening to something you didn't enjoy the first time.
If you only need one listen, rate and review.
If you need more than one, rate and review.
If you listened the day something came out, rate and review.
If you're like me and generally need more time with an album, rate and review.
It's all the same. Your opinion doesn't matter any more or less.
If you listened from start to finish, you're good with me. I personally don't care how many times you needed to listen to formulate your opinion. You listened to it.

Sorry for this wall of meaningless text, it's completely useless in the grand scheme of things but I needed to get it all off my chest.
I just hope in the future we can boost eachother up and not try to extinguish someone else's flame to make our own burn brighter.
Apr 3, 2019
can we get this to the front page lads

also hope u r having a wonderful time!!!
Apr 3, 2019
@PatrickL0419 Lol :) totally not my intention.
I just wish this place was in a more supportive mindset overall and less of a policing one.
It makes me sad for people to feel guilt over how they absorb their art-form of choice.
Apr 3, 2019
Straight preach. I think one of the main reasons I never really stuck around RYM was how exclusionary it sometimes felt. Here’s to hoping we can do better as a community!!
Apr 4, 2019
I would like for this to have 100 likes please. I'm ''guilty'' of all the things you've talked about (saying how I listen to this more then once, making fun of joke reviews) and honestly, I'd like for it to change. AOTY is a good site with a blossoming and supportive community, for sure, but it's community is one of the harshest I've every been a part of.

Also your an absolute legrnd for putting this message on a punk album.
Apr 4, 2019
@PipePanic Thank you very much for the kind words!
I use to get in a lot of confrontations with people that I wish I could take back. Especially since the people I would get into fights with left the site, so I feel responsibility now...
It's mostly just the controlling nature people have taken lately I'm not okay with.
The amount of times someone finishes something is a totally pointless stance to take. Giving a rating/opinion on something you didn't listen to I would agree is shitty, though.
Apr 4, 2019
I love this, thank you for sharing @spacevacation! I echo these sentiments; its the internet, it is supposed to be fun! Do whatever you want, engage with music on whatever level you need at the moment. The exciting part is seeing all the different reactions to music!
Apr 4, 2019
@musicmagpie55 Thank you for backing me up!
I was pretty worried by saying all this I was going to become public enemy no.1 haha
It's relieving, honestly :)
Apr 15, 2019
It's very well said, I totally agree with you.
Apr 15, 2019
@WhatTheFunk Thank you! I'm glad to hear it <3
Apr 15, 2019
thanks for saying this, I've been thinking about this for quite a while now

I've heard people saying it took them forever to get something like Kid A or Lift Your Skinny Fists to click with them but I loved them both on first listen
Apr 15, 2019
@RakkSmells I can understand liking (or even disliking) something the more you listen to it but someone saying you HAVE to listen a certain amount of times for your opinion to matter is totally ridiculous.
Apr 15, 2019
This post rocks
Apr 15, 2019
@orangedroog65 Thank you!!!!

*also in case anyone cares, I'll actually be rating this album shortly... I have some ratings in the bank, just want to drip release them*
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