Grimes - Miss Anthropocene
Feb 21, 2020
It's common knowledge by now that Miss Anthropocene leaked ages ago, so we've all had plenty of time to formulate an opinion before the official release.
Miss Anthropocene is Grimes at her most comfortable.
It's awesome to hear her so front and center.
Visions (one of my all time favourite albums) had the vocals overshadowed so heavily by the music it was nearly impossible to make out the lyrics or themes without multiple repeat listens.
Art Angels felt like a changing of the guard, more of a team effort between her voice and the instrumentals.
Miss Anthropocene feels like she is secure enough to let the music back up what she is ready to say.

With roughly 4 years inbetween each of Grimes' last 3 albums there's no debate the preparation and care she puts into her work, which is a huge reason I look up to her so much.
Her music/art means as much to her as it does to her fans.
There's no rushing.
Everything on Miss Anthropocene is so meticulous, you can latch on to every detailed second.

The up-beat-ness mixed with dark shadowed-ness feels much more akin to Visions era Grimes, which is fine by me though I did expect a completely new sound after the reinvention explored on Art Angels.

I really can't think of anything negative to say.
I've been looking forward to Miss Anthropocene for years and now it's here and I love it.

Grimes will always be one of my favourite artists of all time and one of my more influential artists as well.
She means the world to me and it's because of stuff like this.
I'll look forward to every LP she ever releases with increased excitement but I have to say the idea of existing for another 4 years before her next album is a bit disheartening--
but I know whenever the day comes I get the chance to listen to a new Grimes album, without hyperbole it will be a moment I won't forget.

It's going to take some heavy lifting to surpass Miss Anthropocene as my Album of 2020.
I look forward to the possibilities! <3
Feb 21, 2020
hell yea
Feb 22, 2020
Grimes FTW!
Feb 23, 2020
Thanks for the comments and support, guys <3 :') love you both
Feb 23, 2020
you might find this interesting, i just bought the japanese version - ends with WAP which I never liked much as a single but love as a sort of "closing credits" track - in a record store in tokyo and it came with miss anthropocene chopsticks lol
Feb 23, 2020
Gonna call up one of my Japanese relatives now to get ahold of those chopsticks, haha
Feb 24, 2020
@76fex I've legit never heard WAP only because I figured it would be on this album and I didn't want to spoil it... I look like a dumb cunt now.
but that sounds fucking wicked, I need to see what they look like!
Feb 28, 2020
@76fex Spotify has the deluxe version which ends with WAP followed by some mixes.
Feb 28, 2020
yeah... but i want it to end before the mixes & i really crave the automatic silence after a CD finishes
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