Lagwagon - Let's Talk About Feelings
Jun 19, 2019
*to an empty auditorium*
Thank you all for patiently waiting till I come back!
Knowing me as well as I do, this will likely be an extremely temporary return but due to my weeks being devoured by different types of therapy I feel like I have no time to listen to anything, adding on the fact that my anxiety makes music feel very empty and alone.

I figured I would give a rating to one of the shortest run-times of any album I have in my collection just to say "HELLO" and prove to the world I am not dead.... yet.

*thunderous sound of crickets echo*

This is a great Skate-Punk/Pop-Punk album with a few winks at the listening audience thrown in.
I feel like Let's Talk About Feelings is a progressive, almost post-modern love letter to genre that wasn't even on it's last legs at the time of it's release.
Jun 20, 2019
I watched 'Glass' last night hoping M. Night Shyamalan would pull off another 'I see dead people' moment. But, alas, no such luck. Just goofy acting. Goofy as. Anyway, there is a scene when Mr. Glass is undergoing treatment to correct his condition. Strapped to his gurney an ominous cylinder is placed above his head aimed at his frontal lobe. It appears to be an x-ray device, but, no... It's a freaking laser. On comes the beam... Out goes the gleam. Let me suggest you avoid the Raven Hill Memor
Jun 20, 2019
I'm very confused haha
Jun 23, 2019
I'm confusing.
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