David Bowie - Reality
Sep 29, 2020
Oh boy.

I’m 22 albums into David Bowie’s studio release catalog, and wow. I am absolutely burnt out on doing this. The finish line is so close in sight, but it’s getting harder and harder to push myself to the very end. Let me just make this a short and sweet review so I can move on to the next album, deal?

Reality is...kinda decent. It’s probably his only album that I would say is better than mediocre, but worse than good. It’s in that little sweet spot that comes off as being nothing more than a forgettable album. Vocally, I have the same problem with this that I have with a lot of his post-70’s releases, even though I don’t think I’ve really touched on it before. His vocals sound kinda frail, almost a bit monotone, and overall just very uninspired. Bowie has never been known as an outstanding singer, but it’s albums like this where the vocal flaws really stand out.

Musically, I mean yeah this isn’t too bad. It’s more pop-leaning than a lot of his works, which is...fine? Do whatever you want I guess? It’s such an uninteresting pop album though. The instrumentation is all there to make this a great listen, but the songwriting feels so weak in comparison to the things this man is one-hundred percent capable of creating. Try Some, Buy Some is a song with some pretty epic instrumentation, but somehow the song still manages to lose me pretty frequently with its lack of direction.

I said I would make this short and sweet, so bottom line: Bowie makes what I would consider the most forgettable album of his career. It isn’t good enough or bad enough to be remembered, but it doesn’t really fall in line with his mediocre albums either. It’s just a big ol’ pile of...well...Reality. He does some pop stuff. He does a little bit of rock stuff. And that’s the album. The end.

These last two albums better not disappoint me.
Sep 30, 2020
The last two albums won't disappoint, I promise!
Sep 30, 2020
Last two albums are good shit
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